Call for Editor (Italian American Studies Association's new journal, volunteer position)

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Call for Volunteers
December 15, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Italian History / Studies, Ethnic History / Studies

Editor, Italian American Studies Association Journal

**This is a volunteer, unpaid position.**

The Editor, with the approval of the Editorial Board, selects papers to be considered for the Journal, and commissions or approves other materials (conference reviews, commemorations, translations). The Editor also identifies reviewers and is responsible for carrying out the peer-review process. The Editor and Editorial Board decide on accepting each paper, based upon a successful double-blind peer review of two anonymous readers and the author’s response.

The Editor, as a non-voting, ex-officio member of IASA’s Executive Council (EC), helps shape the Association’s programs and enhance its mission. The Editor will develop and manage a publication plan that is of the highest quality, relevance, and sustainability. The Editor is also responsible for careful budgeting for the Journal’s production according to the work schedule agreed upon with the University of Illinois Press. In consultation with and with the approval of the EC, the Editor will choose two Associate Editors, one concentrating on the humanities and another focusing on the social sciences, and at least nine members for the Journal’s Editorial Board.

Qualifications: Substantial experience in academic and scholarly publishing, from the acquisition and peer-review process to familiarity with current editorial and production practices. An advanced degree, doctorate preferred, in a field relevant to the disciplinary and topical focus of the Association is essential: history, literature, cultural studies, cinema, media studies, ethnic studies, sociology, and/or anthropology are among the relevant disciplines. Broad knowledge of Italian-American history and culture, of its scholars and scholarship, is required. While knowledge of Italian is not required, it is highly desirable. Candidates should be members of the Italian American Studies Association.

Term: Starting January 2020, and extends for a term of four years, renewable once. The term may be modified by an EC vote. This is a volunteer position, as are those of the Association’s officers and EC members. Modest administrative budget available for costs associated with Editorial Board expenses (paper, toner, and mailing). The Editor is expected to be an IASA member, to attend IASA’s annual conference, and to report regularly to the Editorial Board and EC on the state of the Journal, typically, but not exclusively, at least two of four quarterly EC meetings.

Applicants: Please send a cover letter (addressed to the search chair, Anthony Julian Tamburri) and CV by Sunday, December 15, 2019. Please use the link to submit the required materials: