Session 'Firms, human capital and technology in the gas industry from a regional perspective'

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August 1, 2019 to December 1, 2019
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Economic History / Studies

XIII International Congress of the

Spanish Association of Economic History, Bilbao 1-4 September 2020


Session: Firms, human capital and technology in the gas industry from a regional perspective


Mercedes Fernández-Paradas (University of Malaga)

Alberte Martínez-López (University of A Coruña)

Jesús Mirás-Araujo (University of A Coruña)


The session aims to become a forum for discussion and debate about the gas industry from a regional perspective, focusing the interest on certain issues that are essential to better understand the evolution of one of the most relevant energy sectors today. The focus is, in particular, on the analysis of companies, human capital and technology that were present in the development of the sector. Gas historiography, also that referred to Spain, has traditionally shown special predilection for studies at the municipal and national level, having paid less attention to what happened at the region level. This session aims to overcome this lack.

The goal, therefore, is to improve our knowledge about the evolution of the sector in various regions, both from an individual and compared perspective between those spaces. One of the questions on which it is intended to discuss is related to the factors to be considered to explain the different gas models and identify the social-technical transition at the regional level in the long term.

Those interested in participating in this session, please send your proposal to, or, before 1 December 2019.

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Mercedes Fernández-Paradas, Alberte Martínez-López and Jesús Mirás-Araujo


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