Fifth Annual ICAS Conference

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2020 to February 1, 2020
United Kingdom
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Political History / Studies


In the late 20th century, Brown published his seminal work Human Universals that revealed the numerous linguistic, cultural, cognitive and social behaviours that we share as a species. It seems, we are united from the capacity for abstraction of thought to a preoccupation with weaponry. Yet, the 21st century can already be characterised as divisive: political isolation, religious conflict, class gulfs and environmental crises; all of which are underscored by the readiness of information and discourses from digital platforms. Whilst none of this division is new to our species, there is a growing sense that we should be better than we are; that we should have learned from our shared histories. It seems that we need a reminder of our sameness now; our human universality.

Therefore, the 5th annual ICAS conference proposes that we discuss this and welcomes papers on the following topics:


History/Archaeology                                                Psychology

Shared Origins                                                          Universal Cognition

Universal Heritage                                                      The Imagination


Anthropology                                                Political Philosophy

Cultural Universals                                                     Morality and Universalism

Changing Universals                                                  Political Universals                                        

Literature/Film                                                           Environmental/Human Sciences

Universal stories                                                         Urbanization

Universal features: poetry and prose                         Scientific laws


Visual Arts

We welcome any pieces/presentations that reflect the overall theme of the conference.

We would also welcome poster presentations on any of the above sub-themes.

Please submit a 300 word proposal on your presentation/poster by Friday 6th   December 2019 in Word or pdf files to:

All papers will be given consideration by the conference committee. Notification emails will be sent by Friday 20th December 2019.

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