“Jewish/Israeli themes between Religion and Politics in Brazil and the Americas: Evangelical churches and their relations with Judaism, Zionism, Israel and the Jewish communities”

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Call for Papers
October 15, 2019
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Jewish History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology
January 13-15, Haifa, Israel The University of Haifa, the Brazil-Israel Institute and the Interdisciplinary Center of Jewish Studies (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - NIEJ)
The last decades have been a period of exponential growth and increasing political influence of evangelical followers in Latin American countries, many of them, among other themes, expressing political support for the State of Israel and making extensive use of Judaica symbolism. USA We find similar trends in the more established evangelical churches in the North of America (USA), and in particular in relation to the use of theological justification for their strong political backing of Israel. To what extent can we see the use of Jewish or Israeli themes as means in promoting internal agendas inside the own Latin American political debates, or vice versa: that evangelic and Latin American themes are used as means of promoting internal agendas of particular political sides within the internal Israeli-Jewish debates? 
Conceptually, scholarship has already connected such trends to post modernism and especially to fundamentalism, an interesting mixture between religious conservativism and political activism. This puts up stimulating questions such as on the one hand: to what extent we find such processes taking place also in Brazilian and in South and North American churches? On the other hand, we can also ask, in what ways are Jewish communities facing these changes? What have been the reactions of the local national political system to these developments so far? How has Israeli foreign policy confronted the changes, their potential opportunities, challenges and potential threats and risks?
The conference, organized by the Interdisciplinary Center of Jewish Studies (NIEJ), the Brazil-Israel Institute and the University of Haifa, aims to analyze the complex web of relations between evangelical, Israeli and Jewish groups, concerning the relations between Judaism, Zionism and Israel on the one hand, and evangelic, Christian and Latin American and North American themes on the other. 
We encourage the submission of papers that reflect cutting edge research within this area, and that reflect new theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches and case studies. They may emphasize the dynamics of evangelicals groups, Jewish community institutions or the underlying cultural and political context.
The organizers invite historians and social scientists from all disciplines to send abstracts of papers (300 words maximum) to be presented at a conference to be held Monday 13-15 January, 2020, at the University of Haifa.
Under request and depending on the approval of pending applications, the organizers will cover costs of accommodation. 
Please send a brief proposal of the proposed talk (300 words maximum) and a short academic biography (max 200 words) to rafael@institutobrasilisrael.org by October 15th .2019 , Notification of paper acceptance: October 30th, 2019.
Michel Gherman (NIEJ) Rafael Kruchin (Brazil-Israel Institute) Marcos Silber (University of Haifa)
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