Shakespeare and Popular Culture Conference 2019 - Campion College Australia 12-13 October 2019

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October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019
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Literature, Humanities, Popular Culture Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

Shakespeare and Popular Culture Conference 2019 (12-13 October)

Centre for the Study of the Western Tradition at Campion College Australia, 8-14 Austin-Woodbury Place, Sydney, Australia

William Shakespeare remains arguably the most popular and enduring writer in English history. Enormously successful in his own time, his influence has only continued to strengthen, with both his work and the playwright himself being continuously adapted and reconceptualised to reflect the concerns of subsequent generations.  This symposium will explore the way in which Shakespeare remains a cultural touchstone, a writer whose art and legacy continue to evolve, responding to and commenting upon contemporary society.

Speakers include:

Professor Will Christie (Australian National University)

Dr Kishore Saval (Author of Shakespeare in Hate)

Associate Professor Ballet Lui (Xiamen University of Technology)

and many more, with a special plenary lecture by:

Professor Emerita Penny Gay (University of Sydney)


Contact Info: 

Dr Colin Dray

Director - Centre for the Study of the Western Tradition

Campion College Australia

(8-14 Austin-Woodbury Place, Sydney)


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