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H-Net is pleased to announce a new forum on the H-Net Book Channel developed in partnership with Michigan State University Press. Feeding the Elephant: A Forum on Scholarly Communications aims to bring together conversations about scholarly communications in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is a place for readers from the worlds of publishing, libraries, academic organizations, and academia, early career or established, affiliated or independent, who are deeply interested in the questions shaping scholarly communications today.

Each month, Feeding the Elephant will invite members of different communities of practice to contribute essays, blog posts, roundtables, and podcast conversations around a different theme. Together, we will dig into the intellectual and ethical issues shaping scholarly communications today and explore initiatives that are helping to rethink publishing formats, practices, and business models in ways that support the core mission of making ideas public. Readers can follow along and contribute to the conversation online. All discussions, links, and lists of resources will be archived at the dedicated Feeding the Elephant page, hosted on the H-Net Book Channel.

The topic for September is Peer Review. Posts will consider transparency in peer review, diversity and equity, open review, and advice for first-time reviewers, as well as growing list of peer review resources.

Readers can visit Feeding the Elephant online, where it is hosted on the H-Net Book Channel. To join the conversation and receive updates about new posts, simply create a profile on the H-Net Commons and subscribe to the H-Net Book Channel. Updates will come to your email in-box and you can post replies by clicking through to the post online and using the Reply box at the bottom of the post.

To get involved, suggest future topics, or pitch an idea, please write to the editors at feeding.the.elephant@mail.h-net.org.

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