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Dear colleagues,
I am glad to announce the publication of the 27th volume of Palaeoslavica: International Journal for the Study of Slavic Medieval Literature, History, Language and Ethnology

Volume XXVII of Palaeoslavica for 2019 consists of two issues (273 pp., 267 pp.).

No. 1 of Palaeoslavica for 2019 consists of four sections. The Articles section contains a study by A. Strakhov on the Slavic folk concept of non-being, non-existence and nothingness in terms of its spatial and temporal aspects within a broad European context and a study by A. Av­de­ev on epi­graphic sources recounting the 1654 plague in Muscovy. The Publications section presents a linguistic edition of seventeenth-century inter­ro­ga­tions of Russian ser­vicemen travelling to Siberia and Mongolia (publ. and comm. by A. Maiorov) and a col­lection of idioms recorded from Belorussian story-teller V.A. Gretskaia with her com­mentary on their usage and meaning (publ. by G. Lopa­tin). The Speculum sec­tion contains a study by O. Stra­khova on some linguistic peculiarities characteristic of early Old Russian lectio­na­ries and a study by A. Zhu­rav­lev about lexico­graphic phantoms attested in modern Russian dictionaries. The Miscellanea section includes a publication by T. Lønngren of folklore materials re­corded in 1916 in the Kursk region.


No. 2 of Palaeoslavica for 2019 also consists of four sections. The Articles section contains a study by O. Pevny of frescoes depicting the life of St. Cyril of Alexandria preserved in an eleventh-century church in Kyiv dedicated to the saint and a study by V. Kalugin on the use of  Old Permic script (introduced by St. Stephen of Perm in 1372) in marginal notes in seventeenth-century manuscripts. The Publications section presents a diary of а Greek adventurer who came to Muscovy in 1620s for alms, passing himself off for a Metropolitan of Gan­nos, but was put in jail (publ. and comm. by L. Astakhi­na); folklore mate­rials recorded in the Vetka region of Belarus; and Russian «scary tales» about the Pechora river and local lakes recorded in Ust-Tsilma (Komi Republic, Russia; publ. and comm. by T. Kaneva and P. Kokh). The Speculum section contains an article by A. Avde­ev on modern tendencies in the study of Old Russian epigraphy. The Miscellanea section contains a note by O. Syrtsova that presents a new look at the origin of the "Rhos" names of the Dnieper rapids/barrages and a note by B. Gasanov about the East Slavic custom of placing flowers and herbs into a coffin.


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