2020 AAIS Conference - Panel: Neorealism as Multimedia

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Call for Papers
September 20, 2019 to December 5, 2019
United States
Subject Fields: 
Film and Film History, Italian History / Studies

Neorealism as Multimedia



Over many decades of critical interventions, the term and uses of “neorealism” in Italy, notwithstanding the routine references to 1930s realist literature, have all too often pointed to a form of cinematic communication that has discarded actual references to other, comparable cultural practices. In this panel we encourage scholars to look at the history of uses of "neorealismo" and its cognates in Italy to describe developments in the arts beyond cinema. 


A few scholars have already begun to do this. They have looked into the ways neorealism intersected painting, architecture, music, and theatre. Others have practiced an interdisciplinary or multimedia angle in their approach to neorealism as a critical concept or an artistic program. Others again have focused on the multimedia trajectories and poetics of individual authors and filmmakers—Zavattini, Vittorini, Visconti—to shed light on neorealism’s interdisciplinary origins and reach.


Neorealism as Multimedia seeks contributions that either build on these scholars’ work or that expand or further their research purview historically, conceptually, and internationally. We welcome contributions that seek to provide a comprehensive historical or conceptual framework for grouping the wealth of postwar Italy’s visual productions and experiences under a revised rubric of neorealism. In addition, we welcome contributions that seek to place the Italian neorealist arts in the context of other nations’ postwar culture, either as a unique or as an analogous case study.


Interested panelists should submit a 250-300 word abstract, a 50-100 word bio, and a 4-5 entry bibliography to Charles Leavitt IV (cleavitt@nd.edu) and Giorgio Bertellini (giorgiob@umich.edu) by November, 18, 2019. Those who do so will be notified of the panel's constitution by November 25, 2019.