In Memoriam: Itibari M. Zulu, Th. D. Founder and Senior Editor Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies Call for Papers, Remembrance, Songs, Poems, Images, Etc.

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Call for Papers
December 31, 2019
Kentucky, United States
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African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, World History / Studies

Itibari M. Zulu, Sr. was the senior editor of The Journal of Pan African Studies (; a financial planner with World Financial Group, and co-editor with Adewale Aderemi of Global Peace Leadership Summit 2007: Africa and the Diaspora published by The African Diaspora Foundation (2008). He holds a Th.D. from Amen-Ra Theological Seminary (Los Angeles, California) in African world religions, a M.L.S. from the School of Information at San José State University in Library and Information Science (San José, California), a B.A. from California State University, East Bay in African American Studies (Hayward, California), and an A.A. from Merritt College in African American Studies (Oakland, California). He has been associated with The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) since it was founded, and presently serves as first vice president with responsibilities for the peace education/studies library and research center, and the development of ADF in the Western Hemisphere.


This special edition of Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, titled “In Memoriam: Brother Itibari M. Zulu: His Impact and Legacy – Founder and Senior Editor of the Journal Pan African Studies. Brother Zulu’s impacted the lives of thousands of people both within and outside of the United States on so many levels and in various ways that cannot be captured in mere academic works or in with a traditional format. As a result we encourage the submission of articles, editorials, songs, poems, images (with captions), etc. that expresses you views, feelings, emotions, on the lives, times, and legacy of this powerful man.


All contributions must address the editor of the special edition, at and and via a cover letter stating: your name, current public affiliation, location, e-mail address, the title of your contribution, the originality of your contribution, that your contribution is not under consideration anywhere, and that you wish to publish in Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies.


Contributors who submitted articles most be sent to the guest editor in MS word in a Times New Roman typeface via an attachment in an e-mail (etiquette: avoid capitalizing every word in the subject line). The entire work should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages with a concise title, abstract, and current standard citations and references. Within the contribution, do not include page numbers or the title of your contribution on each page; all graphics (charts, tables, photos, etc.) must fit our page measurements; only use endnotes in your contribution (not footnotes), a list of references are needed for each contribution, and in regards to style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), use the style most relevant to your standard area of research. All other submissions can vary only length.


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Drs. Eric R. Jackson and Tyrene Wright 

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