RA. Revista de Arquitectura, 22 (2020). Material Oriented Ontology

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Call for Papers
February 1, 2020
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Architecture and Architectural History, Urban Design and Planning, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Material Oriented Ontology

Scarce or abundant, toxic or degradable, cheap or expensive, the use of materials most times supposes an abuse and, despite all actors involved are responsible for it, some of them do significantly come first on the chain of decisions. Most times, there is no material without an ore and there is no ore without a geo-political framework. Furthermore, there is no exploitation without a social framework, as well as there is no material value without a - many times constructed - material scarcity. As it is a given materiality what actually conforms the very structures that create each of our fragile individual contexts, we must not take for granted any given deal in what respects to our relation to those very materials. Starting from... (more details in the URL provided)


The Guest Editor and the Scientific Committee are calling for contributions (see the editorial guidelines) in English or Spanish from architects and scholars up until 1 February 2020. Proposals will be judged on their diversity and the speculative nature of their approach, not to mention historical and critical precedents. Examples of potential subjects are listed below.

Local Architecture vs Global Architecture; Aesthetics and Ethics of Sustainability; Theories and Pioneers of Ecological Awareness. Paradigms, Utopias and Manifestos, Materials; High Tech or Soft Tech Strategies; Technology and Matter; Second Life. Recycling; Economics of the Ecosystem; Design from the Creation of Materials; Design for Disappearance; Zero miles Construction; Construction as a Model of Social Regeneration; Real Valuation of Material Impact; Design for the interaction of varied life cycles; deconstruct; Mines and Landfills; The True Cost of our Objects; New Deal on Materials; Semantic Issues in Ecological Vocabulary; Challenges and Threats of "Green Washing"; Planet Earth 2050; Water as the only element; How have we got into this mess?

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