Co-Incidence Festival: Applications Due Oct 1

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January 10, 2020 to January 19, 2020
Massachusetts, United States
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Black History / Studies, Literature, Music and Music History, Philosophy, Sociology


We began thinking about this year’s festival with a gut question, an intuitive uneasiness: “So, what?” Followed by an implied: “So, what - now?”

We are all active, serious, intense, dedicated (and angry, frustrated, impatient) - of course. We create art. We write. We perform. We protest. We organize festivals, gatherings, concerts, meetings, events. But then what? Things aren’t necessarily getting better; they’re hardly getting different.

After the demonstrations/actualizations of our ideas have passed, what are the effects? What are the actual results of (these) political acts? Something does occur. Often quite beautiful, wonderful things. But how are we considering, critiquing, progressing-with, challenging, etc. what does happen? Is there a way that we can think of consequence as something that challenges objective-driven modes of being - the logic given to us by capital?

It is easy to point out what won’t work. We know what hasn’t worked. So what will?

We (aaron & luke) are interested in creating a space dedicated to the development of the creative and experimental movement of the human being. We want to discuss, learn, and discover with others how we might be able to think/act/compose towards/with/alongside possibilities that we can’t yet imagine - whatever the result may be. If we are able to find/create these cracks in our everyday logic, these possibilities, then how can we experience them more vividly? Can we condition them (ourselves perhaps) to see them more clearly, to realize their potential more readily?

With social and political theorist John Holloway, we will explore topics relating to these questions about the consequences of art, cracks (in capital), political movements, disruption, antipower, non-action, and others.

We invite those interested to join us in this attempt to think, act, do, critique, and be together.

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Luke Martin, Co-Artistic Director

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