CFP: Special Issue on Criminal Justice Reform/Review of Black Political Economy

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Call for Papers
December 31, 2019
United States
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African American History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Sociology

Background and overview of the planned special volume:  The passage of the FIRST STEP Act of 2018 has been lauded as an important step in criminal justice reform, but the legislation also faces criticism for not doing enough. In 2020, the Review of Black Political Economy will publish a special issue titled "Criminal Justice Reform: 2020 and Beyond." This volume will feature research about the US criminal justice system to advance our understanding of the link between race and the criminal justice system.  


Purpose of the special issue and examples of topics that would be of interest:  We seek to bring new research to light that can both inform policymakers (and the public) and challenge them to think in new ways. Research that elucidates the workings of the US criminal justice system (either the system at large or any of its components), the people that it effects, and the ways those who are labeled "offenders" are affected is welcome, as is work addressing the implications that this social institution has for society as a whole and blacks relative to whites. Topics that might be addressed include--but are not limited to--sentencing reform, policing, juvenile justice, the labor market effects of having a record, recent bail bond reform proposals, fines, fees, and civil contempt orders, felony disenfranchisement, the parole system, uses of new technologies in the criminal justice realm (such as the digitalization of criminal records), recent changes in the incarceration rate, private prisons, prison reform, and prison abolition.

The above list should not be considered comprehensive; it is simply meant to provide examples of issues that contributors might address.


Academic disciplines and submission process: Submitted manuscripts are welcome from a broad range of disciplines, including (but not limited to) economics, social work, sociology, political science, law, history, public policy, and philosophy.  Work that crosses disciplinary boundaries, and manuscripts from practitioners are also welcome.  Please note that for our submission and evaluation process, we seek full manuscripts.


Key deadlines:  The deadline to submit a manuscript for consideration is December 31, 2019.  Authors whose papers are selected would be notified in March 2020.  For authors for whom the referee(s) request revisions, the revised manuscript would be due in July 2020.


For additional information:  Please contact Prof. Ngina Chiteji at if you have questions.  You may also check the website for the Review of Black Political Economy and follow the guidelines for submitting manuscripts via the online the Research Policy web-portal ( if you do not have questions.  Please select Article Type "Criminal Justice Reform: 2020 and Beyond" on this platform.




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