CFP: "Creative Cartographies and Inherited Aesthetics: Craft, Tradition, and Labor in Contemporary Fine Art Practices"

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Call for Papers
October 21, 2019
United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts, Women's & Gender History / Studies

CFP: Association for Art History 2020 Annual Conference

Newcastle University & Northumbria University, April 1–3 2020





Ella S Mills (Paul Mellon Centre)

Erin L McCutcheon (Lycoming College)


Deadline for submissions: Monday 21 October 2019


This session seeks papers that broadly discuss the fine-art practice and aesthetics of artists of the 20th and 21st centuries in relation to their diasporic parentage and heritage. How do different understandings of and approaches to creativity, craft, tradition and labor intersect and manifest in the work of fine artists? What part have feminisms played in the passing on of skills and craft across generations and geographies? How have those creative and/or cultural traditions been treated in formal institutions?


While this session is open to a variety of parent–child interactions, we are particularly interested in examining generational and geographical inheritance from mothers to their fine-art daughters. In what ways have artist-women from these contexts formulated their aesthetic, practice, and subjectivity in direct relation to the traces and influences of their mothers? How have artists negotiated institutional bias around traditional forms of creativity and notions of the ‘domestic’? What role do fathers and sons have in this inheritance?

In addition to scholarly presentations, we also welcome practice-based papers from artists, non-traditional presentations, and critiques that trouble or unpack any of the ideas and terminologies articulated here.


How to submit a paper:


  • Please email your paper proposals direct to the session conveners above, using the Paper Proposal Form.


  • You need to provide a title and abstract (250 words maximum) for a 25-minute paper, your name, and institutional affiliation (if any).


  • Please make sure the title is concise and reflects the contents of the paper as the title will be what what appears online, in social media, and in the printed program.


  • You should receive an acknowledgement receipt of your submission within two weeks from the session conveners.


AAH 2020 Annual Conference

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