Gridded Fabric(ations): Visual Imaginaries of the Grid

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Call for Papers
November 15, 2019
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Architecture and Architectural History, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Fine Arts, Urban Design and Planning, Film and Film History

Vitrina Gallery & the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies

HIT Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Gridded Fabric(ations)

Visual Imaginaries of the Grid


The exhibition will accompany The Multidisciplinary Grid 2020”

International conference to take place at HIT on May 12-13, 2020



In everyday parlance and popular culture, the 'grid' has become an all-encompassing term, signifying the vast array of infrastructural and communication networks through which contemporary life is mediated and controlled in industrial and post-industrial societies.


In the visual arts, the structure of the grid has likewise provided a template for framing modernist aesthetic perceptions. Inspired by the experience of Piet Mondrian, art theorist Rosalind Krauss maintains that "it is safe to say that no form within the whole of modern aesthetic production has sustained itself so relentlessly while at the same time being so impervious to change."


From actor-network theory to the 'assemblage', the grid has been recast in terms of the ontologies of the ‘network’ or infrastructure, composed of circulating references, immutable mobiles and hybrid assemblages of a globalizing world. Hence, there is no single essence of the grid. It is not an eternal form that maintains its regularity and continuity throughout the ages. Rather, the grid is simultaneously multiplicity and repetition, difference and uniformity.


The exhibition seeks to interpret visual images of the grid as well as its role in the production of both infrastructures of vision and inhabited worlds. It is open to ALL associations. We welcome contributions made in a variety of formats (posters, objects,

video art, etc.), in accordance with the following requirements:


  • 1-5 Clear Images of the proposed work of no more the 2 MB each,  
    including technical details (title, material, technique, dimensions)
  • A short explanation about the work (up to 500 words)
  • Contributor's short bio (up to 200 words) and contact details




  • Deadline for proposals: Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Proposals should be sent to:
  • Notifications are expected by Monday, December 16, 2019.
  • Date of contribution's arrival to HIT (objects): Monday, February 17, 2019.

Exhibition's opening dates: during the week of "The Multidisciplinary Grid 2020"

conference (May 12-13, 2020) 



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