Call for Papers: $1000 Article Competition Prize: The Journal of Holocaust Research

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Call for Papers
December 31, 2019
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Contemporary History, German History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Psychology, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The Journal of Holocaust Research (Formerly Dapim: Studies on the Holocaust) Annual Article Competition 2019: $1000 Prize

Deadline: December 31, 2019

The Journal of Holocaust Research is a peer-reviewed bilingual (English and Hebrew) scholarly journal devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the Holocaust, its origins and aftermath. The journal is published four times a year through the cooperation of the Weiss-Livnat International Center for Holocaust Research and Education at the University of Haifa, the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum, and Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group.

The Journal of Holocaust Research aims to promote research and study of the various aspects of the Holocaust and antisemitism and to create a platform through which our readers may access the most recent, innovative work being conducted in various disciplines and in different countries. Intended for a diverse academic audience, the journal publishes a wealth of articles, research forums, and special issues that connect scholars from around the world in meaningful discourse about the Holocaust.
We welcome articles using different approaches and methodologies on all aspects of Holocaust research, including:

• Nazi policies against the Jews and other racial and genocidal programs
• Jewish responses to Nazism
• Nazi propaganda
• Ghettos and camps
• European collaboration
• War crimes trials
• Survivor testimony
• The collective memory of the Holocaust
• Commemoration and museology
• World War II and its aftermath
• "New" antisemitism and xenophobia in the world today
• Holocaust literature, drama, film, and art
• Psychological aspects of trauma
• Technology and the Holocaust

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