Journal of American Ethnic History, Special Issue, Multi-ethnic Immigration & the US South

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United States
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Asian History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, Oral History, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The Journal of American Ethnic History announces the publication of its summer 2019 special issue, Multi-ethnic Immigration and the US South, edited by Sarah McNamara (Texas A&M University) and Cecilia Márquez (Duke University). This issue brings together scholars across disciplines who explore the US South as a site of historic immigration and multi-culturalism. List of contents below.


Julie M. Weise, Introduction, “Immigration History and the End of Southern Exceptionalism”


Sarah McNamara, “Borderland Unionism: Latina Activism in Ybor City and Tampa, Florida 1935-1937”


Yuri W. Doolan, “Transpacific Camptowns: Korean Women, US Army Bases, and Military Prostitution in America”


Uzma Quraishi, “Racial Calculations: Indian and Pakistani Immigrants in Houston, 1960-1980”


Cecilia Márquez and Perla M. Guerrero, “Multi-Ethnic Immigration and a Nuevo South: A Discussion with Perla M. Guerrero”


Stephanie Hinnershitz, Conclusion