Currents in Teaching and Learning, V11, No1

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Digital Humanities, Teaching and Learning

I am pleased to announce the publication of Volume 11, Issue 1 of Currents in Teaching and Learning.  The contents of the issue are listed below, accessible at the journal’s website:

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EDITORIAL “Authenticity, Dialogue, and Diversity: Paths to Transformational


Martin Fromm


ESSAYS “Digital Selves: Personal Narrative Pedagogy in the Online Writing


Bethany Mannon


TEACHING REPORTS “Understanding Purpose(s): Connecting Students’

Metacognitive Awareness of Genre and Reading Practices”

Rachel Hall Buck


“An Assignment Model for Teaching Students to Write from


Elizabeth Kleinfeld and Abby Wright


“The Crowdsourcing Classroom: Engagement in the Age of Boaty


Brandie Bohney


“Crowdfunding in the Classroom”

Vanessa Ruget


“Educational Instruction for Group Work with Diverse Members:

Innovative Student Classroom Engagement using a Game-Based

Learning Activity”

Kirsten S. Ericksen


“The Threshold Concept Map: Plotting the Liminal Space of

Students’ Struggle to Learn to Write in College”

Bryna Siegel Finer, Emily Wender, Oriana Gatta, and Daniel



PROGRAM REPORTS “Better Together? Sense of Community in a Pre-Service

Teacher Cohort Model”

Kristen Ferguson and Natalya Brown


“Diversity and Inclusion Pedagogy: Addressing Multicultural

Teaching Competency and the Achievement Gap at a Racially

Diverse University”

Duke W. Austin, Matthew Atencio, Fanny Yeung, Julie Stein, Deepika Mathur, Sukari Ivester, and Dianne Rush Woods


BOOK REVIEW James M. Lang’s Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the

Science of Learning

Daniel Guberman



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Benjamin Jee, new Editor of Currents 


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