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Call for Volunteers
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African American History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, American History / Studies

The Activist History Review is seeking applicants for positions on its editorial board. Qualified applicants may hail from a wide variety of personal, political, intellectual, and disciplinary backgrounds both in and out of academia, but should be dedicated to understanding the ways that our studies of the past should impact our actions in the present. We especially encourage members of marginalized communities to apply.  

As our organization strives to be non-hierarchical, we are all Editors, but perform certain duties based on our individual areas of interest and expertise. Please indicate in your application which of the following areas you would most like to contribute to in your duties as Editor.

  • Content editing and setting the tone of The Activist History Review—Though this is the primary work of some Editors, all Editors are welcome to participate in this process. Collectively, we determine the timeline for monthly issues and columns. We coordinate with the other members of the editorial board in order to draft and publicize calls for contributors for regular and themed monthly issues. Finally, Editors are responsible for guiding contributors through the editorial process from revisions to publication and for ensuring that content released by TAHR is adequately publicized.
  • Copy editing, that is, performing the final rounds of editing on each article published by TAHR— Although responsibility for this task alternates, it primarily lies with a single Editor. This person will pay particular attention to grammatical and typographical errors missed by other Editors prior to publication and resolve unforeseen formatting errors that may appear once the article is published online. Successful applicants interested in copy editing will receive more specific training about standards and procedures, but should have an eye for and interest in detail. Additionally, this Editor often coordinates with the lead Editor about posting to social media—a responsibility separate from the social media Editor. 
  • Social Media editing— As with copy editing, this task lies primarily with a single Editor although it may alternate periodically based on scheduling or other editing needs. This Editor will seek to increase and maintain traffic to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts by posting articles from other outlets that are relevant to our own, reposting articles from TAHR that have particular relevance to the current news cycle, and sharing our articles with Facebook groups and other online communities that may have an interest in them.

Because TAHR functions as a volunteer advocacy organization, none of our positions are paid. We run primarily on donations and view our labor as a means of promoting scholarly political engagement. We are pleased, however, to offer a small annual fellowship for an Editor who identifies as a queer and/or trans Black Brown Indigenous Person of Color (QTBBIPOC). If interested in applying for this fellowship, please indicate so in your email and provide a short bio.

We on the editorial board are eager to welcome new activist scholars and their ideas as we continue to fight for an approach to the past that more deliberately engages with the urgent issues of the present. Interested candidates should submit a letter of introduction and a brief CV to by Monday, September 23rd at 11:59pm EST.