Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood: Integration, Community, and Co-Habitation, 25-26 September

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United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Humanities, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Languages, Urban Design and Planning
Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood: Integration, Community, and Co-Habitation


A UCD Humanities Institute conference in collaboration with The Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London

25-26 September 2019

VENUE: UCD HI Seminar Room H204 (unless otherwise stated)




DAY 1: Wednesday, 25 September


9.45-10.00: WELCOME

10.00-11.00: Plenary Keynote

Lecture 1 – Gillian Jein (Newcastle University):

Re-Visioning Violence in Transnational Paris: The Art of the Street


11.00-11.30: BREAK

11.30-13.00: Parallel Panels 1

The ‘Kiez’ and Urban Neighbourhoods – Case Studies from Germany

(Counter-)Cultural Responses to (the) Neighbourhood

Anita Bunyan (University of Cambridge): Critiques of the ‘Kiez’. Representations of the Urban Neighbourhoods of Berlin in the Works of Contemporary Jewish Writers in Germany

Max Lazar (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Fostering a Culture of Integration. Municipal Politics, Urban Space, and Jewish Integration in Frankfurt am Main, 1913-1933

Hanna Hamel (Humboldt University of Berlin): City, Country, ‘Kiez’. Neighbourhood in Contemporary Literature in Berlin

Anna Marta Marini (Instituto Franklin, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares): The Materiality of the Wall(s). Counter-space appropriation in El Paso’s South side

Mary Mazzili (University of Essex): The Concept of Home in Transnational and Transcultural spaces in Post-Brexit Britain. Migrant Communities in North Essex Connected through Theatre

Varshaver Evgeni, Anna Rocheva & Natalyia Ivanova (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration): The Role of the Neighborhood Intercultural Events in the Migrant Integration in Moscow, Russia


13.00-14.00: LUNCH

14.00-15.30: Parallel Panels 2

Writing Transnationalism and Migration

Islands, Borders and Migrations

Dervila Cooke (Dublin City University): Language, migration and place: Laura Alcoba between France and Argentina

Aleksandra Goclawska (University of Cambridge): Close lands? Plurilingual Landscapes and Migration in the Prose of Julia Fiedorczuk

Daphne Seemann (Technical University Dublin): Precarious lives in the 'out-places' of urban neighbourhoods. Flight, homelessness and non-arrival in Abbas Khider's Ohrfeige (Slap in the Face)

Maria Cristina Fumagalli (University of Essex): ‘Solidarity is our Wealth’. Representing and Navigating Transnational Neighbourhoods and Communities in Santo Domingo

Bridget Wooding (OBMICA, Santo Domingo): Transnational Navigation by Haitian Children on the Dominican Borderlands in Search of a Better Life

Valeria Ingenito (University of Naples l’Orientale): International migration and insularity: immigrants street vendors in local markets of Neapolitan archipelago islands


15.30-15.45: BREAK

15.45-17.15: Panel 3

Citizenship and Belonging Beyond the Nation State

Ron Hayduk (San Francisco State University) & Kathleen Coll (University of San Francisco): Transnational Neighbors, Urban Voters. Noncitizen Voting Rights in the United States

Emilio Maceda (Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala): Church of All Saints in Brooklyn, New York. From Religious Space to Transnational Territory of Multi-Territorial Mexican Immigrants

Daniela Sheinin (University of Michigan): Neighborhood Memories on Display. Rethinking Space and Immigrant Identities


17.15-17.30: BREAK

17.30-18.30: Plenary Keynote

Lecture 2 – Sandra Ponzanesi (Utrecht University):

Digital Cosmopolitanism: Local Networks and Transnational Communities


19.30: DINNER [registration required] @ Ashton’s Gastropub



 DAY 2: Thursday, 26 September

 9.30-11.00: Panel 4

Planning and Navigating the Transnational Urban Environment

Gad Schaffer (Tel Hai College): The transformation of space in a divided city: the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway track

Tamar Arieli (Tel Hai College): Culture, identity, and prospects for inter-municipal cooperation in heterogeneous peripheral regions

Maya Vardi (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology): Urban Planning and Forced Migration: Urban Citizens with No National Citizenship


11.00-11.15: BREAK

11.15-12.45: Panel 5

The Politics of (Non-)Belonging

Saeed Ahmad (University of Göttingen): Memories of Exclusion. Producing Spaces of Belonging in Jangpura-Bhogal, Delhi

Shamea Y. Mia (Queen Mary University of London): Integration, Memories and Belonging. Familial Relationships and Communal Boundaries for Second-Generation Bangladeshi Women

Ruth Kaplan & Rachel Kallus (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology): Manufacturing a Sense of Belonging. Urban Space of Jewish Textile Workers in an East European Industrial Town 19th Century Łódź, Poland, as a Case Study


12.45-13.45: LUNCH

13.45-14.45: Plenary Keynote

Lecture 3 – Yaron Matras (University of Manchester):

Language and the neighbourhood. How multilingualism re-defines community


14.45-15.00: BREAK

15.00-16.30: Panel 6

Layered/Palimpsestic Territories

Emma Crowley (University Reading/University Bristol): “Your Allah can’t see you here”: Subterranean spaces and dissimulated life in Secondhand Time

L.E. Eames (University of Washington): Neighborhood collage: abstracting urban density and transformation

Stefan Willer (Humboldt University of Berlin): Transcultural Monolingualism: Georg Klein's Libidissi


16.30-16.45: BREAK

16.45-18.15: Plenary Session

Workshop/Discussion: What constitutes the Transnational Neighbourhood?




19.00: PUB


Conference Organisers:
Prof. Anne Fuchs, UCD Humanities Institute, University College Dublin
Dr. Godela Weiss-Sussex, IMLR, University of London/King’s College Cambridge
Dr. Britta C. Jung, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD Humanities Institute, University College Dublin
Dr. Maria Roca Lizarazu, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr. Stephan Ehrig, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD Humanities Institute, University College Dublin

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