CFP: Challenging Crops and Climates, 2020 Agricultural History Society Meeting

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Call for Papers
September 28, 2019
United States
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Environmental History / Studies

Join us for Challenging Crops and Climates, the 2020 Agricultural History Society meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee, June 3-6. Proposals are due September 28, 2019.

Globally, agriculture has been undertaken in diverse environments, including mountains, deserts, swamps, rain forests, tundra, places of extreme temperatures, and on marginal soils. People have also transformed challenging environments to meet the demands of agricultural production through both private and state-sponsored actions. The small farms of Appalachia and the massive dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority that surround Knoxville illustrate these strategies and adaptations. Inspired by this backdrop, we encourage the submission of papers that explore how farmers and other rural people wrestle with difficult and changing environments.


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