2019 International Interdisciplinary Conference

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November 11, 2019
Subject Fields: 
African History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Linguistics, Political Science, Social Sciences

2019 International Interdisciplinary Conference

Venue: University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba

Theme: Challenges of African Socio-economic Development: Interplay of Asian and African Engagements.

The African and Asian Researchers Association of Nigeria (AARAN) founded 2018 is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons interested in Africa and Asia studies. Membership cuts across all the disciplines, regions and countries of Africa and Asia. African and Asian Researchers Association of Nigeria is the largest organization of its kind. Through its publications, online resources, regional conferences, round table discourses and annual conference, AARAN will provide its members with a unique and invaluable professional network. It also aims to form a scholarly, non-political and professional association of all persons interested in African and Asian Studies. Likewise, it aims to provide another means for the publication of scholarly research and other materials designed to promote African and Asian Studies.

Call for Papers: July-August, 2019

Paper Submission: September 2019

Acceptance Notification: October, 2019

Conference Dates: November 11th - November 13th, 2019

Conference Theme

The main theme of the conference is “Challenges of African Socio-economic Development: Interplay of Asian and African Engagements”. The sub-themes of the conference are as follows:

Sub-theme 1: African and Asian Culture, Civilization and Society

•           African or Asian Languages, history and culture

•           African or Asian Culture studies, anthropology and ethnology;

•           African or Asian identities in contemporary culture

•           Globalization vs. cultural identity in African or Asian societies

•           African or Asian culture and language communication

•           African or Asian Arts and literature

Sub-theme 2: Modern Theories of Language and Communication in African or Asian Context

•           Cognitive nature of communication African or Asian space

•           The dynamics of information and communication technologies in African or Asian

•           Foreign language teaching in African or Asian societies

•           Sociology of language in African or Asian Environment

•           African or Asian Language and Society

Sub-theme 3: Social Sciences approach in African or Asian societies

•           African or Asian Language and interaction methodologies

•           African or Asian Immigration flows and Language exchanges

•           African or Asian Language, Structure, and Measurement

•           African or Asian Sociolinguistics

•           African or Asian Native language teaching

Sub-theme 4: African or Asian Economy and Trade

•           Global Markets in Africa or Asia

•           Free Trade and Fair Trade in Africa or Asia

•           African or Asian Transnational Corporations

•           Mega businesses, Microbusinesses and Globalization in African or Asian societies

•           Patterns of Global Investment in African or Asian societies

•           Corruption Patterns in African or Asian societies

Sub-theme 5: African or Asian Politics and Institutions

•           International Structures and Institutions of Governance in African or Asian societies

•           Nations and Sovereignty in the ‘New Globalization’

•           War Conflict in African or Asian societies

•           Terrorism and Political Violence in African or Asian societies

•           Governance and Reform in African or Asian societies

•           Democratic Practices and Human Rights in African or Asian societies

Sub-theme 6: African or Asian Resources and Environment

•           Africa or Asia Resource Access

•           Africa or Asia Environments in a Global Context

•           Agriculture and Food Supply in African or Asian societies

•           Sustainability in African or Asian societies

•           Urbanism in African or Asian societies


Author Guidelines

  1. Submit one electronic copy (preferably as an attachment in Ms Word/PDF) to aaran9064@gmail.com
  2. Manuscripts should contain two title pages, one omitting author’s names and identifying information for the purpose of blind review.
  3. Author(s) are to spell out one of their given names in full with surname in CAPITAL letters. Indicate your institutional/organizational and e-mail addresses and phone number on the title page. Authors should give brief information themselves (e.g. names, qualifications, job status and experience).
  4. Prepare manuscripts according to the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Type all components of the manuscript using double space on A4 size sheets. The abstract should be between 150-200 words typed on a separate page. Manuscript should not exceed 16 pages in length.


Guest Speakers

1. Guan Zhongqi, Deputy Chinese Consul-General, Lagos-Diplomacy between Africa and Asia.

2. Prof Muyiwa Falaiye, Director of Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos-African or Asian identities in contemporary culture.

3. Prof. Lere Adeyemi. Department of Linguistics & African Languages, University of Ilorin. Kwara State-Sociology of Language in African or Asian Societies.

4. Chief Liu Changan Ronnie, MD China Town, Ojota and President of China Investors Association for Development and Promotion, Nigeria-Investment opportunities in Africa or Asian Societies.

5. Prof Wang Yongjing, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing & Chinese Director at Confucius Institute, UNILAG-African or Asian Languages and Society.

6. Prof. Olufemi Saibu, Director of Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies, UNILAG-Sustainability in African or Asian societies.

7. Okolo Lawrence Abutu Ph.D, Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China & Federal University Gashua,  Yobe state-Governance and Reform in African or Asian Societies

8.Mrs Iyiola Tokunboh Edun, Administrator Grace schools, Lagos, Nigeria-Foreign Language Teaching in African or Asian Societies

Conference registration fee

Early-bed registration Regular registration     Onsite registration

International Audience           $200                            $250                            $300

Association Member               10,000                         10,000                         10,000

Non-member                           15,000                         20,000                         20,000

Students                                  5,000                           5,000                           5,000

Contact Info: 

African and Asian Researchers Association of Nigeria (University of Lagos)
Prof Orimoogunje-Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, University of Lagos, Akoka
Dr. Wang XueXue-Fujian Normal University, Fujian, China

Contact Email: