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Call for Volunteers
October 31, 2020
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Peace History / Studies, Public History, Research and Methodology, Sociology, Sport History / Studies

is looking for sport history researchers to help with the ParaVolley History Project!

Professional Historians

Students of Sports History

People interested in Parasport History

and all people welcome to apply

Please complete a survey for expression of interest!


This is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in sports history, possibilities for co-supervision of students, as well as collaborations between researchers.

For more information:
Dr Kwok Ng
World ParaVolley Chief Historian


Be part of World Paravolley sport history project

World ParaVolley is a world-wide not-for-profit organization recognised by the International Paralympic Committee for the responsibility to plan and deliver the sport of Sitting Volleyball on the Paralympic Games program. World ParaVolley aims to deliver a variety of the highest quality Volleyball programs and competitions for athletes with a physical impairment through the implementation of effective governance, development, training, education, research and event management activities. For more information please check:

The history of Sitting Volleyball dates back to the 1950s but the first formal international organization of the sport occurred in 1980 at the Paralympic Games in the Netherlands and World ParaVolley is looking forward to celebrating its first 40 years in 2020. There are now currently 50 member countries around the world with up to 10,000 website users per month, 6000 page views during the 2016 Rio Games and 17,000 views during the 2018 World Championships.

The history of the Paralympic Games bore out of the need for rehabilitation from the injuries created by World War II. The Paralympic movement has evolved and gained access into the mainstream, however after 40 years, it is an important time to collate and distribute the historical information before it is lost. As such, we are currently looking for partners to help preserve the 40 year formal history of World ParaVolley.

This is an opportunity for sport historians to be part of this project. Dr Kwok Ng has been asked by World Paravolley to recruit a team of people to work on this project. People will all kinds of experiences and aspirations are welcome. There are many activities that can be done that take little time or a lot of time, depending how much you can offer and support this project. To express your interest to get involved, you are requested to complete an online form (case sensitive). Looking forward to working with you, Dr Kwok Ng, WPV Chief Historian

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Kwok Ng
World ParaVolley Chief Historian

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