Call for Workshop Leaders and Participants

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2019
Utah, United States
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Library and Information Science, Local History, Research and Methodology, Social History / Studies, Teaching and Learning


We invite participants and potential workshop/breakout session leaders to the inaugural conference of the Association of Genealogy Educators and Schools (AGES). The conference, to be held 26 February 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, will bring together international participants involved with, or interested in genealogy/family history education at the college/university level.


Founded in 2018, the Association of Genealogy Educators and Schools supports developing the academic field of genealogy and family history via Teaching, Training, and Research.


The conference will consist of multiple breakout sessions and group discussions. Workshop/breakout session discussion topics will be:





Academic program development/building

Support educators

Promote scholarly research in genealogy/family history

Engage with universities to promote and support the establishment of courses, certificates, minors, majors, and/or graduate programs

Support the development of curriculum content and standards

Promote scholarly standards for interdisciplinary research that uses genealogical content


Workshop/breakout session leaders

Proposals to be a workshop/breakout session leader will be accepted until 30 September 2019.


Workshop/breakout session leader proposal requirements:

  • Brief CV, including contact information (phone, address, email)
  • List relevant past conference or speaking experience (particularly if it was discussion based)
  • Choose from the topics in the box above and describe a structure for a discussion/working group of 6-10 people during a 1.5 hour session
  • Propose an outline for the discussion

Participants (attending the conference, but not interested in being a workshop/breakout session leader)

Please list topics from the box above that you have expertise in, or topics that interest you. If you would like to see additional topics presented at the conference, please submit suggestions for consideration. Additionally, if you want to suggest a particular person to be a workshop/breakout leader, please submit their name and the topic you want them to present.


Participant information requirements:

  • Name:
  • Affiliation:
  • Education/credentials:
  • Topics of interest:
  • 3-5 discussion questions of interest:
Contact Email: