The Projector: A Journal of Film, Media, and Culture special issue on Contemporary Film & Media Industries

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Call for Papers
January 1, 2020
Subject Fields: 
Film and Film History, Journalism and Media Studies, Popular Culture Studies

The Projector is developing a special issue for research articles that examine industrial and institutional developments in film, television, streaming, and/or gaming. The research, which will illuminate production and/or reception factors, could consider changes or events in the US market, national/regional sectors, or the global domain.

The political economy and/or reception studies research will not focus on interpretation or ideological assessment of an individual text. However, the research projects could effectively incorporate critical race theory, postcolonial studies, research on Hollywood hegemony, or other scholarship concerning social realities and identity politics.    

The issue will feature research that illuminates the operation and logic of material aspects of contemporary media produced and encountered in environments marked by media convergence and global integration. 

Topics might include:

  • Streaming services becoming film/television studios
  • Major studios moving into streaming
  • Debates concerning theatrical release windows
  • Digital platforms as the site of funding, promotion, and distribution
  • Impact of institutional or governmental funding
  • Regulation or censorship in the global streaming system
  • Experiments with the Movie Pass model
  • New award categories and the changing status of award venues
  • Intersections between gaming and other aspects of the entertainment industry   

The special issue could include scholarly contributions in other forms (book reviews, interviews). Contact Cynthia Baron with questions about these options.

The Projector is a peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board; the blind, peer-review policy requires that authors’ names not appear within essays. Submissions must be double-spaced (no additional space between paragraphs). Use American English spelling and citation formats. Research articles should be about 20-25 pages. They must use Chicago Style (endnote and bibliography format) See

Send submissions to as Word files before January 1, 2020. Submit essays as email attachments, with the author’s name and contact information only in the email message.

Contact Info: 

Cynthia Baron, Editor

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