CFP for LASA2020: Art and Gentrification in Améfrica Ladina: Displacement and Dissensus

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May 13, 2020 to May 16, 2020
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Sociology, Urban History / Studies, Humanities, Geography

XXXVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association Guadalajara, México  

Art and Gentrification in Améfrica Ladina: Displacement and Dissensus 

Gentrification arguably forms a key component of neoliberal urban growth strategies inspired by the so-called promises of the creative city and other marketing strategies including aestheticization of the urban space. Gentrification’s hegemonic effects on urban sensorium have an essential role in producing and reinforcing socio-spatial divides and creating displacements. Regarding gentrification as a continuous process of the neoliberal urban planning, this panel aims to bring together current debates in art, art history, philosophy, sociology, geography, and urban studies to explore art’s changing role in the larger socioeconomic context of contemporary urbanism. This panel will discuss how art takes part in the new urban renewal, and displacement but also captures and, in some instances, subverts the experience of the gentrified urban space, reveals the hegemonic and counterhegemonic interactions among city authorities, urban developers, and citadins and empowers the communities in the gentrified neighborhoods. 
 Although the social science evaluations of artists’ role in gentrification vary, the research is more centered in North America, and the dialectical perspective that both acknowledges art as a positive force for gentrification and analyzes its resistance to gentrification has been lacking. This panel aims to de-center research on gentrification through the territorial, linguistic and artistic lens of Améfrica Ladina and reinserts art’s role in grassroots anti-gentrification activism. The papers looking at the examples across the Americas from a multidimensional perspective and that consider both aspects of art’s relationship to gentrification are welcome. 
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