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Gustavo Acosta papers, 1958-2017

Gustavo Acosta (1958- ) is a Cuban American painter in Miami, Florida.


Betty Cuningham Gallery records, 1970-2014

The Betty Cuningham Gallery (est. 2004) is a gallery in New York City that began as Cuningham Ward in 1972, and in 1978 became Betty Cuningham Gallery, which ran through 1982.


Eugene Carroll papers, 1955-2015

Eugene Carroll (1931-2016) was an art history professor at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York from 1965-1999.


Riva Castleman papers, 1871, 1930-2013

Riva Castleman (1930-2014) was the Director of Prints and Illustrated Books from 1976-1995 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


James Daugherty papers, 1904-1978

James Daugherty (1889-1974) was a painter, muralist, children's book author and illustrator in Weston, Connecticut.


Robert Dell papers, circa 1977-2013

Robert Dell (born 1950) is a sculptor and engineer living in New York City.


Dodie Kazanjian papers, 1949-2017

Kazanjian is a writer and art critic in New York City.


Enid Klass correspondence regarding the George Perutz art collection, 1965-1970, 1994

Enid Klass (1931- ) is an art consultant in New York, N.Y. George Perutz (1925-2016) was an art collector in Dallas, Texas.


Howard Mehring papers, circa 1931-1978

Howard Mehring (1931-1978) was a painter in Washington, D.C., considered one of the six core members of the Washington Color School.


Charles Ramsburg papers, 1959-2017

Charles Ramsburg (1942- ) is an artist in New York City who creates sculptures and drawings related to the minutiae of nature.


Edna Reindel papers, 1918-1990

Edna Reindel (1894-1990) was a painter, illustrator, and sculptor active from the 1920s to the 1960s.


David S. Rubin papers, 1960-2017

David S. Rubin (1949- ) is a curator and art critic in Los Angeles, California.


Elaine Sturtevant papers, circa 1960-2014

Elaine Sturtevant (1924-2004) was a multi-media artist in New York and Paris known for her carefully inexact repetitions of others artists' works.


Jan Wurm papers, 1966-2013

Jan Wurm (1951-) is a painter, educator, and curator based in Berkeley, California.


Nina Yankowitz papers, circa 1950-2017

Nina Yankowitz (1946- ) is a feminist and new media artist in New York, New York.



Transcripts of oral history interviews with:



Jennifer Bartlett (2011)


Dara Birnbaum (2017)


Dianne Blell (2012)


Nina Cullinan and Mary Boice (1980)


Monica Borglum Davies (1990)


Miriam Hapgood DeWitt (1987–1988)


Francis W. Dolloff (1986)


Imogene "Tex" Gieling (2008, 2012)


George Goodspeed (1987)


James Arthur Herbert (1981)


Eleanor Hershey (1990)


Gladys Kleinman (1971)


Louis K. Meisel (2009)


Walter Midener (1981)


Laurance P. Roberts (1985)


Cyril Stanley Smith (1992)


Sue M. Thurman (1993, 1998)


Robert Weingarten (2009)


Gerald Williams (1978)


Lydia Winston Malbin (1976)




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