On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 7 (2019): Critique: Meanings, Methods, Contexts

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Out Now: On_Culture's Issue 7 (2019): Critique: Meanings, Methods, Contexts

Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to announce the latest issue of On_Culture on Critique as a concept for the study of culture. It deals with conceptualizations of critique in a variety of ways, beginning with Mitchum Huehls’s _Essay, which historicizes the transition from critique to postcritique by way of Michel Foucault’s concept of governmentality and with special attention to the function and power of norms. Four peer-reviewed _Articles examine critique in greater detail, dealing with the surprising connections between the works of Robert Walser and Bruno Latour (Gormsen Schmidt), the contemporariness of 'critical composition' (Wolf), queer video games as critical method (Rivers) and the performance of political critique by a German/international brass ensemble (Müller). In a unique _Perspective with an abundance of photographic examples, the photo series Climate Vortex Sutra by David Benjamin Sherry and a queer ecological reading of the work takes center stage (Klaassen).

The interdisciplinary and varied contributions to this issue of On_Culture demonstrate that critique, in all its forms, is sorely needed now more than ever.

With best wishes,

The Editorial Team


Table of Contents:


Mitchum Huehls: "A World Without Norms: Historicizing Critique and Postcritique"


Carolin Müller: "Performing Critical Voice: On the Relationship of Citizenship, Belonging, and the Articulation of Contemporary Critiques"

Johanne Gormsen Schmidt: "Robert Walser’s Topicality and the Descriptive Turn"

Joshua W. Rivers: "Performing Critique: Queer Video Games as Critical Method"

Jonas Wolf: "Does 'Critical Composition' (Still) Exist? Reflections on the Material of New Music"


Oliver Klaassen: "A Radical-Ambiguous (Re-)Vision of America’s West: David Benjamin Sherry’s Eco-Queer Critique of America’s Changing National Parks in his Photo Series Climate Vortex Sutra (2014)"


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