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New Series on LATIN AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL HUMANITIES (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers)

Edited by Gisela Heffes (Rice University, US) and Lisa Blackmore (University of Essex, UK)

Latin American Environmental Humanities is a peer-reviewed book series that will focus on rigorous works by the most innovative scholars working on Latin America. It will publish scholarly contributions to the growing field of environmental humanities with the aim of establishing critical conversations about nature and culture within the framework of the latest environmental debates and their historical antecedents and contexts. The series will include a wide range of disciplines, such as literary studies, history, film, visual arts, and philosophy, that probe key issues in the global discussions of ecocriticism, environmental history, posthumanism, waste studies, indigenous ecologies and epistemologies, animal studies, landscape studies, natural disaster studies, and blue humanities. We are particularly interested in theoretically and inter- and trans-disciplinary works. Ultimately, the goal of Latin American Environmental Humanities is to bring together new perspectives and advance scholarship with manuscripts that will focus on specifically cutting-edge Latin American issues that lie at the intersections of aesthetics, cultural, visual and literary studies, history, philosophy and environmental studies.

We invite submissions of both monographs and edited collections that will contribute to the growing discussi ons in Latin American cultural studies as well as innovate by bringing new perspectives on underrepresented sources, or sources that could be revisited under a new ecological light. By "Latin America'', we include both Brazil and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Written in English, the titles in this series will include both single- and multi-authored works. The series will consider high quality translations into English, but will not provide translation funding.

We welcome proposals for manuscripts. Those interested in contributing to the series should send a detailed project outline to the series editors, Gisela Heffes ( and Lisa Blackmore (


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Gisela Heffes, PhD
Associate Professor | Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese - MS34 | Rice University
PO BOX 1892 | Houston, TX  77251-1892 

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