CFP | Transnational Relations, Ageing and Care (TRACE): Asian Connections and Beyond

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Call for Papers
January 9, 2020 to January 10, 2020
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Digital Humanities, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Humanities

VENUE |  Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
AS8 Building Level 4, Seminar Room 04-04, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260

CONVENORS | Assoc Prof Elaine Ho Lynn-Ee, Assoc Prof Shirlena Huang, Assoc Prof Thang Leng Leng, and Prof Brenda SA Yeoh

Transnational ageing is a relatively understudied topic compared to the academic attention that has been given to other aspects of transnational familyhood. Increasingly, older adults are moving across national borders to provide care or to receive care, while also participating in such care circulations are younger transnational migrants who are family members of those older adults or who have been employed to care for older adults. The experiences of older migrants and their care relations with familial and non-familial persons remain under-researched, but the way they journey between sending/receiving societal contexts, maintaining care relations transnationally, is deserving of academic and policy attention. The journeys they make bring about changes to the notions and practices of ageing at the individual, household, community and national levels. This workshop invites researchers to contribute interdisciplinary insights on how ageing is experienced across national borders, namely to do with:

  • the multi-directionality of care (e.g. caring for/caring by older people) across borders,
  • the array of human and non-human actors/actants involved in caring across borders (e.g. care relations and digital technologies),
  • advancing grounded theorisation of what ageing across borders means in changing Asia (e.g. the cultural meanings attached to such social processes, the transnational social protections extended to or withheld from those who age across borders), and
  • eliciting connections and comparisons on ageing and migration across Asian sites and beyond

This workshop aims to extend conceptualisation of how ageing, migration and transnationalism mutually constitute one another, with reference to both older and younger migrants as well as the role of non-human actants (e.g. digital technologies). While the workshop gives primary focus to how the above trends manifest in Asia, it also seeks to contribute to wider theorization beyond Asian cases.


Submissions should include a title, an abstract of no more than 250 words and a brief biography (150 words) using the paper proposal form to Sharon at by 30 August 2019. Only successful applicants will be contacted in mid-September, and be provided with partial/full airfare funding and/or 3 nights of accommodation (one author per paper). Paper presenters will be required to submit a draft paper of 5,000-8,000 words by 2 December 2019.  

Please note that only previously unpublished papers or those not already committed elsewhere can be accepted. The organisers intend to compile a journal special issue or edited book volume from the workshop proceedings.


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