Call for Papers: Global Intellectual History – The Turkish Connection (Deadline Extension)

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Call for Papers
July 30, 2019 to August 7, 2019
Subject Fields: 
Contemporary History, Intellectual History, Middle East History / Studies

Deadline to submit abstracts has been extended to August 7, 2019. 


We are organizing a workshop that aims to connect the recent “Global Intellectual History” (GIH) turn with a specific focus on late Ottoman and Republican Turkish political ideas, thinkers, and developments.

The aim is to use the implications of GIH for a broader comprehension of late Ottoman and Republican Turkish socio-political life in general, emphasizing the many and diverse ways in which various ideas, thinkers, and processes played a role in the interactions between the local and the global actors.

Our interest is based on a natural contradiction due to its conscious emphasis on GIH while still choosing a spatially determined and partially reified research domain: the Ottoman-Turkish context. We take this step in order to underline the usefulness of GIH-derived approaches even in the context of certain spatially defined domains, undertaking simultaneously a global, and at first sight, local turn. The assumption behind this logic pertains to our wish to contribute to further de-parochialization of our politico-historical studies, and to a concomitant desire to demonstrate GIH’s potential in turning the local into a self-evident part of the global.   

In this regard, we look for papers that underline the multiple, and at many instances, not previously studied, aspects of this ideational dimension. Circulations, transfers, (mis)translations, voyages, impositions, hybridizations, vernacularizations, and many other forms of interactions presents themselves as points of interest. Ideas, ideologies, mentalities, concepts as well as personal trajectories that overlap with these intellectual interactions are of particular relevance for this workshop. Especially, we expect analyses that question the previously prevalent approaches that had tended to take pre-given one-sided processes as a given. Instead, the global turn enables us to reframe our analytical lenses by means of a more intense engagement with the multiple actors involved in these processes that come about via global ideational interactions.

We invite you to contact us at and no later than August 7, 2019. The applications should include an abstract of max. 300 words and a one-page CV that also lists your academic publications. Authors will be notified of acceptance by e-mail on August 15, 2019. Full papers should be submitted before November 15, 2019. The workshop will be convened by the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Turkish-German University and the Department of International Relations at the Istanbul Kultur University. It will take place at the Turkish-German University (Istanbul, Turkey) on December 6, 2019. Our aim is to turn the workshop papers into a joint publication.

Dr. Hazal Papuççular (Istanbul Kultur University, Department of International Relations)

Dr. Deniz Kuru (Turkish-German University, Department of Political Science and International Relations)