CFP "Education Media as subversion in Latin America" (LASA 2020)

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Convocatoria. Panel LASA 2020 Guadalajara (México)

Estimados todos actualmente estoy armando un panel para la conferencia de LASA del 2020.(El panel es en inglés). Aquí dejo la información cualquier duda a sus órdenes. Si les interesa se necesita hacerme llegar un abstract de 250 palabras, y un breve CV también de 250 palabras. Fecha límite agosto 25, 2019


CFP. LASA 2020 Guadalajara (Mexico) Panel Dear all, I am currently organizing a panel for the 2020 LASA conference. (The panel is in English). Here, I leave the information. If you have any question please let me know. If you are interested, you need to send me an abstract of 250 words, and a short CV also of 250 words. Deadline August 25, 2019.



Education Media as subversion in Latin America: potentialities, drawbacks and considerations.

Session Organizer:

David Ramírez Plascencia

SUV-University of Guadalajara

Abstract: This panel focuses on how education media (social media, educative platforms, electronics books, mobile devices) turns into a key element not only to improve learning or to promote social development and empowerment, but as objects and spaces for social and political contestation; as “weapon of the weaks,” (James C. Scott) which are used to fight back social exclusion and political and cultural oppression. In a matter of three decades, the Internet has become the most important global communication media, particularly in Latin America in where people have adopted it as their main source of information, communication, and entertainment. Education is not an exception to this trend, but on the contrary, the irruption of Internet in the educative sector has caused radical changes, some of these shifts without controversy. Besides the huge potentialities of incorporating web 2.0 tools, mobile devices, and social media into the classrooms such as sharing multimedia elements or creating collaborative assets, there are still glitches and concerns related with the rising cases of cyberbullying or how smartphones tend to reduce attention and retention of students in class. The intention of this call, however, is going beyond the traditional discussion about the benefits and disadvantages of digital media at school, and to focus on how education media encourages cultural and political defiance as well. This panel discusses the function of digital media not just as gears and applications to improve learning, but how these tools and environments trigger social change and political action.

Deadline: August 25, 2019

All members of the panel must be LASA members to be included in the panel proposal. 

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David Ramírez Plascencia
University of Guadalajara - SUV

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