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Call for Papers
August 16, 2019
Ireland {Republic}
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Anthropology, Humanities, Religious Studies and Theology, Social Sciences, Sociology

The aim of our upcoming issue, Aigne Vol. 8, is to engage with the theme of “Crisis: Predicament and Potential” in diverse ways. This has led to the following selection of books for review:


Chauchard, S. 2017. Why representation matters: the meaning of ethnic quotas in rural India. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.

Guttmann-Bond, E. 2019. Reinventing sustainability: how archaeology can save the planet. Oxbow Books. Oxford.

Keller, C. 2018. Political theology of the earth: our planetary emergency and the struggle for a new public. Columbia University Press. New York.

Krutzsch, B. 2019. Dying to be normal: gay martyrs and the transformation of American sexual politics. Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Vogelaar, A., Hale, B. and Peat, A. (eds). 2018. The discourses of environmental collapse: imagining the end. Routledge. London.


To be considered for the review of one of the above books, send an email stating intent to by August 16th, 2019. Please title your email “Book Title Review: Surname, Forename” and attach an up-to-date Resume/CV.

Books not listed above may also be considered for review. If you have a request, send an email stating intent to by August 9th. The statement of intent should include an abstract of the book and a sentence or two detailing its relevance to the theme. Please title your email “Book Review Request: Surname, Forename” and attach an up-to-date Resume/CV.

Selected reviewers will be notified by August 21st and will be required to submit a c. 1000-word review by October 18th. To be considered for publication, all reviews must adhere to Aigne’s Author Guidelines and be thoroughly proofread prior to submission.

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Carolyn Howle Outlaw

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University College Cork

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