The Kinetic Image in the Renaissance - RSA 2020 (Philadelphia, Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, 2-4 April, 2020)

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Call for Papers
July 23, 2019 to August 9, 2019
Pennsylvania, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, European History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

Kinetic Images in the Early Modern World

With great ingenuity, early modern artists and craftsmen contrived images that could swing and
slide and spin, or that closed and opened up to stimulate a range of sensory and affective
responses. They delighted in such artworks, which derived meaning and visual power from their
dynamic operations and physical reconfigurations. Among such objects were figurative panels
on furnishings or architectonic devices such as doors; moving altarpieces and reliquaries;
interactive elements in books and manuscripts; pictures and sculptures set into motion by
complex machinery; visual instruments manipulated in artists’ workshops; even games and
This session invites papers that consider such kinetic artworks, executed in any medium
between roughly 1300 and 1600, from across Europe and its wider colonial networks.
Contributions may draw upon archival and literary sources or recent restorations that shed
new light on the mechanisms underlying these objects’ movements. They may even make use
of animated visualizations that display these artworks in action.

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Antonella Chiodo (, Sophia D'Addio (, and Morgan Ng
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