International Journal of Fashion Studies: Call for Papers 2019

Call for Papers
July 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
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Communication, Humanities, Popular Culture Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology


Call for Papers 2019


The International Journal of Fashion Studies, a scientific peer reviewed journal indexed in Scopus and the Web of Science, fosters the worldwide diffusion of fashion studies. Open to all innovative research in this field, it would particularly welcome submissions in the following areas:

Work/labour: New and traditional forms of labour exploitation are a significant issue in the culture industries, and this includes the fashion industry. Contributions are welcome on the topics of: the appropriation of traditional craftsmanship by global brands; labour laws and the exploitation of work; new forms of resistant labour organisation; the self-exploitation of creative professionals; the opacity of supply chain processes. The journal would also welcome contributions on key, yet little studied, fashion occupations such as: stylists, makeup artists, photographers, journalists.

Media: The transmedial configuration of contemporary fashion communication has gone hand in hand with a series of changes such as: the redefinition of the editorial landscape, the emergence of new professions (such as influencers), as well as the transformation of traditional ones (such as stylists). This is concurrent with a wider shift in processes of clothing innovation, fashion critique and fashion consumption. The journal welcomes contributions that offer a critical take on such shifts the better to understand the contemporary fashion media landscape.

Technology: The digital turn challenges the production supply chain by enabling companies to develop new ways of sharing information, both B2B and B2C, about materials, geographies of production, labour laws, etc. It enables the measuring and monitoring of life functions and practices, with controversial bio-political effects (e.g. surveillance vs health monitoring). Moreover, technological innovation affects the industry in the design of new materials and finishing processes. As a consequence, new possibilities in using and experiencing fashion have emerged and the role of fashion in everyday life has changed.  The journal invites authors to explore the role new technologies play in the redefinition of the production, distribution and consumption of fashion.

Sensory methodology for fashion research: Given the growing role of multi-sensoriality in fashion experiences, methods and techniques are needed to investigate and understand this. Vocabularies are also needed to enable the comparison of multi-sensorial perceptions and their translation into visual and verbal languages. Contributions are welcome that explore new methods, techniques and theories to interrogate the role of sensoriality in fashion.


These are suggestions only; the journal would like to invite all authors conducting innovative research in the field of fashion studies to consider submitting their work to the editors.


The International Journal of Fashion Studies favours contributions that combine theoretical and methodological rigour. Articles can be submitted in the author’s chosen language – the journal guarantees scrupulous double blind peer review in a wide range of languages.


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