New publication: Special Issue on Native American Narratives in a Global Context

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We are pleased to share details of the newly-published special issue of Transmotion on "Native American Narratives in a Global Context". Guest edited by Eman Ghanayem and Rebecca Macklin, it features a truly interdisciplinary array of articles, creative pieces and reviews. It's all open access - please do take a look!

Native American Narratives in a Global Context 

Transmotion: Vol 5 No 1 (2019)

Guest edited by Eman Ghanayem and Rebecca Macklin


In our contemporary moment, the world is seeing an increase in transnational Indigenous and decolonial activist movements. Idle No More, the BDS movement for a Free Palestine, and #NoDAPL and Mni Wiconi have all garnered international attention and trans-cultural calls for solidarity. These movements exemplify and build on long traditions of Indigenous resistance in international contexts and commitments to other marginalized groups. Mindful of these continued struggles and concerns, this special issue seeks to bring together some of the diverse ways in which Native American and other Indigenous narratives circulate to create global influences: whether through literature, historical narratives, the visual or performative arts, or digital media; irrespective of language and wherever they transpire, from public spaces to classrooms. The critical and creative pieces in this special issue attest to the necessity of thinking globally as a way to understand the connectivity and relationality that characterize Indigenous experiences and modes of resistance.

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  • Transnational Narratives of Conflict and Empire, the Literary Art of Survivance in the Fiction of Gerald Vizenor by Billy J. Stratton
  • Gerald Vizenor’s Transnational Aesthetics in Blue Ravens by Danne Jobin
  • Untranslatable Timescapes in James Welch’s Fools Crow and the Deconstruction of Settler Time by Doro Wiese
  • Red Paint: Transnational Movements of Deconstructing, Decolonizing, and Defacing Colonial Structures by Jeremiah Garsha
  • Indigenous Activism, Community Sustainability, and the Constraints of CANZUS Settler-Colonial Nationhood by Paul R McKenzie-Jones
  • Narratives of Hope: Enacting Indigenous Language and Cultural Reclamation across Geographies and Positionalities by Kari A.B. Chew, Vanessa Anthony-Stevens, Amanda LeClair-Diaz, Sheilah E. Nicholas, Angel Sobotta, Philip Stevens
  • Aesthetics of Indigenous Affinity: Traveling from Chiapas to Palestine in the Murals of Gustavo Chavez Pavon by Amal Eqeiq


  •  Two Maya Tales from the Merida Cereso by Audrey Adele Harris
  • Indigenous New Media Arts: Narrative Threads and Future Imaginaries by Thea Pitman


  • The Intelligentsia In Dissent: Palestine, Settler-Colonialism and Academic Unfreedom in the Work of Steven Salaita by Omar Zahzah
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