International Conference: “Healthcare as a Public Space. Social Integration and Social Diversity in the Context of Access to Healthcare in Europe”

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August 15, 2019
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Health and Health Care, Human Rights, Public Health, Social Work, Women's & Gender History / Studies

With greatest pleasure we announce the International Conference on the topic “Healthcare as a Public Space. Social Integration and Social Diversity in the Context of Access to Healthcare in Europe”, which is to be held in Rijeka, Croatia on 5th and 6th September 2019.

Healthcare, understood as a medical space, is an excellent example of a public space that models the processes of social integration and social equity. In a general sense, healthcare can connect diverse groups of a society under the common idea of health and illness. However, depending on its organization, it can also influence societal segregation of minority groups. Although the issues of minorities’ equality are central to European Institutions, European guidelines are mostly still not observed in the national legal regulations and healthcare practice.

The project “Healthcare as a Public Space: Social Integration and Social Diversity in the Context of Access to Healthcare in Europe” focuses on diversity in the general social context of healthcare, viewed as a public space, as well as in the specific context of medical institutions. The aim of this project is to generate systematic and in-depth knowledge about how and to what degree the European norms and guidelines concerning diversity are implemented in national legal regulations in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, and Poland and how they are realized in clinical practice in these countries. The project studies the ethical, cultural, and normative aspects of integration and exclusion in the healthcare sector.

During the conference, international experts in the field will deliver invited lecture. In parallel, the conference will include sessions dealing with the topics related to diversity in healthcare in Europe (i.e. cultural, ethnic, religious, gender and other aspects). Proposals from other areas related to the topic of the conference are also welcome. Based on their abstracts, participants will be selected to present their talks. Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes in length.

The presentations of the conference’s participants and other invited authors will be published in a volume with conference proceedings.

Interested participants are invited to submit their applications consisting of a scientific abstract of the presentation (up to 500 words) as well as a short academic resumé (both in English) until 15th of August 2019 in electronic form (PDF) by e-mail to the coordinator of the conference, Dr. Robert Doričić ( For further questions, please contact Dr. Robert Doričić. The costs of travel, board and lodging will be covered. There is no conference fee. The number of participants is limited.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Marcin Orzechowski

Institute for the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine, Ulm University, Germany