Call for proposals: Lead articles, notes and queries for Societas Magica newsletter

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Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

The Societas Magica invites proposals for essays to run in future issues of the newsletter.

The Societas Magica Newsletter, established (1995) by Richard Kieckhefer was printed twice yearly for members of the Societas Magica until 2017 when production was discontinued. Editor Kevin Whiteneir Jr. will be reviving the newsletter which focuses on the study of magic and magical phenomenon.

We are looking for short essays (1500-2500 words) announcing new developments deriving from research in the study and teaching of magic and related topics within the genre of magical cultural traditions. We would be especially interested to see lead articles on modern magic, or periods other than medieval. News about dissertations in progress or completed, manuscript discoveries, or other such items are all welcomed.

We are also looking for smaller pieces for our notes and queries column. These can include art announcements, journal announcements, calls for artists, calls for proposals, articles, workshops, and panels, and any other items of note.

Please contact editor Kevin Whiteneir Jr. at or


The Societas Magica is an organization dedicated to furthering communication and exchange among scholars interested in the study of magic, both in the positive contexts of its expression as an area of necessary knowledge or religious practice (as in early modern occultism and contemporary paganism), and in its negative contexts as the substance of an accusation or condemnation (as in sorcery trials, and many philosophical and theological accounts, both early and late). The interests of our membership include, but are not limited to, the history and sociology of magic; theological, and intellectual apprehensions of magic; practices and theories of magic; and objects, artifacts and texts either qualified as magical by their creators, or forming the substance of an accusation of magic by others.

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Please contact editor Kevin Whiteneir Jr. at or

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