(CFP) Detention, Exile and Deportation in the Portuguese Colonial Empire (19th and 20th centuries)

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Call for Papers
July 15, 2019
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African History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Contemporary History, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

II International Colloquium

Detention, Exile and Deportation in the Portuguese Colonial Empire (19th and 20th centuries): History and Memory

Maputo (Mozambique), 2-4 October 2019



The political regimes in force/current in Portugal between the late nineteenth century and third quarter of the twentieth century instituted a tentacular repressive cartography in all the corners of the empire. Through the centre, in the colonial spaces and in the island spaces has spread a vast network of chains and detention centres, concentration camps, prison deposits, strongholds, places of exile and deportation or labour camps.

Places of incarceration, forced labour or repressive confinement that constituted as penal instruments of individual punitive control and of groups, endowed with own discipline and a brutal logic of functioning inherent to the way the Portuguese colonial Empire conceived itself. But these places were also places of resistance, spaces where fights were fought, sometimes deaf and noisy, for freedom, for independence and for social justice.

It is while places of suffering and endurance that justifies their preservation as places of memory, traces of a wicked time and, simultaneously, places-symbol of the struggle for freedom. Still these places enclose actions and processes that revisited may bring new historicities of the Lusophone world, either from the colonial period or from the post-colonial.

This colloquium intends to contribute to the analysis of this past, discuss its memorialization in the present and design the future, in a inter and transdisciplinary perspectives. Including in this discussion all the areas of analysis and scopes of specific incidence, crossing and comparing the directions that the Empire has traced, the way it has created and the functions it has destined to the places of detention, exile and deportation. Likewise, to examine the strategies, challenges and expectations in the deepening of knowledge and in the policies of the memory of the new States – Portuguese and Africans-, in the construction of a new history and its framing in a global history.

The II International Colloquium detention, exile and deportation in the Portuguese colonial Empire. Places of history and memory aims to look at these institutions in a multiplicity of approaches and dimensions in the long period between the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century, continuing the I International Colloquium, held in 2016 in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores.



Call for papers (download PDF)


Proposals for panels and communications should include:

Summary/Abstract: Up to 500 words, with title and 3-5 keywords
Abbreviated/Short CV (s): up to 250 words

Proposals to be sent to: degredo.deportacao2019@gmail.com



• Until 15 July  – Submission of proposals (panels and communications)
• Until 31 July  – Results report
• Until 15 September – Dissemination of the program
• 2 to 4 October – Colloquium
• Until 31 December – Submission of final text for publication


Organising Committee

Alda Saúte Saíde (Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo)
Ana Sofia Ferreira (IHC / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
António Tomo (Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo)
João Madeira (IHC / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Luís Farinha (Museu do Aljube e IHC / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Nheleti Ratibo (Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo)
Olga Iglésias (IHC / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa e CEsA/CSG/ISEG/UL)
Sérgio Rezendes (IHC / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Susana Martins (CES / Universidade de Coimbra)


Campus da Lhanguene, Anfiteatro Dr. Luís Nanjolo, R/C – FCSF / Universidade Pedagógica
Av. de Moçambique Km1, Campus de Lhanguene, Bloco E, 2.⁰ Andar
Maputo – Mozambique
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