Iron Rails, Wagon Trails, & Snail Mail

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October 1, 2019
Colorado, United States
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Communication, Geography, Local History, Borderlands, Women's & Gender History / Studies

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Iron Rails, Wagon Trails, & Snail Mail

Scheduled for Saturday June 6, 2020, the 17th annual Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium, "Iron Rails, Wagon Trails, & Snail Mail" will examine the immediate and lasting consequences of the opening of western trails to trade, travel, communications, and conquest. Subjects can include, but are not limited to: tales of the people and events on the trails that intersected the nation and Colorado; the 1821 inauguration of the Santa Fe Trail; tales of women and the trails; the challenges and conflicts faced by trail blazers, travelers, traders, Native Amricans, Mexicans, peoples of the border lands, merchants, manufacturers, scientists, and dreamers; eclogical and geographical ramifications; the Pony Express and other mail routes; technological innovations in both travel and communicatins; considerations of how the Santa Fe and other western trails affected the identity, culture, and destiny of the American west, Mexico, the United States and the Western World.


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