TOC: Mutual Images, Vol. 6 (Spring 2019)

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Area Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, East Asian History / Studies

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Volume 6 of Mutual Images, the journal of Mutual Images Research Association is now available to read online. The journal is published open access and you can read the latest volume here:

Mutual Images: Aims and Scope

Mutual Images is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal, created and edited by the scholarly and independant Mutual Images Research Association. The first volume was published in Summer 2016, the second in Winter 2017, and since then, two volumes per year are issued, in Spring and Autumn.

Its field of interest is the analysis and discussion of the ever-changing, multifaceted relations between Europe and Asia, and between specific European countries or regions and specific Asian countries or regions. A privileged area of investigation concerns the mutual cultural influences between Japan and other cultures, with a special emphasis on visual cultures, media studies and the cultural imaginary.


Volume 6, Spring 2019: Mediatised Images of Japan in Europe: Through the Media Kaleidoscope


Pellitteri, M. & Hayes, C. J. Editorial.

Special Section: Pop Culture of Japan

Rosner, K. Layers of the Traditional in Popular Performing Arts: Object and Voice as Character - Vocaloid Opera Aoi

Balgimbayeva, N. The Re-Creation of Yōkai Character Images in the Context of Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture: An Example of Yo-Kai Watch Anime Series.

Birlea, O. From Kawaii to Sophisticated Beauty Ideals: A Case Study of Shiseidō Beauty Print Advertisements in Europe.

Special Section: Mediatised Images of Japan in Europe

Hayes, C. J. Section Editorial.

Steffensen, K. N. Bullshit Journalism and Japan: English-Language News Media, Japanese Higher Education Policy, and Frankfurt's Theory of "Bullshit".

Eichleter, A. The Outside Perspective: The Treaty Port Press, The Meiji Restoration and the Image of a Modern Japan.

Selart, E. The Perception of the Japanese in the Estonian Soldiers' Letters from the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). 

Hayes, C. J. Utopia or Uprising? Conflicting Discourses of Japanese Robotics in the British Press. 


The volume also includes several reviews, including a review of the ongoing Manga exhibition at the British Museum.


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