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Call for Publications
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Social History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Political Science, Modern European History / Studies, European History / Studies

Academica Press, a leading independent non-fiction publisher, is proud to call for manuscripts from dynamic scholars at all levels seeking to publish cutting edge work that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries and provocatively revisits conventional topics. New publications will ideally be devoted to eclectic and under-explored issues and make imaginative uses of theory and method. Academica publishes actively in political science, international relations, history, literature, linguistics, religion, philosophy, cultural and regional studies, the arts, anthropology, law, and other fields. We particularly seek manuscripts on international relations for our imprint, St. James's Studies in World Affairs.

The editorial committee will gladly consider proposals for complete or nearly complete unpublished manuscripts.
Please direct all proposals and related inquiries via e-mail to:

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The Editorial Committee
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