African Studies & Research Forum 24th Annual Conference: “The African Condition: Challenges and Prospects”

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Call for Papers
September 1, 2019
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African History / Studies, African American History / Studies

African Studies & Research Forum

The 24thAnnual Conference

March 26-28, 2020

University of Cape Coast (Central Region, Ghana)

Call for Papers & Roundtable Proposals

Theme:“The African Condition: Challenges and Prospects”

Submission Deadline:September 1, 2019


Brief Description

The 24thAnnual Conference of the African Studies and Research Forum (ASRF) invites participants to submit and present papers and roundtables on a wide range of situations and circumstances facing the African Continent in the 21stCentury. Almost a decade ago, in her book, The Challenge of Africa, Wangari Maathai wrote about unfair trade and indebtedness on the Continent. She questions why the cocoa of West Africa cannot be turned into chocolates, the coltan of Congo be added to capacitors in the country, or abundance of sunshine be harvested by solar panels built in Africa? Back in 2008, for the first time sub-Saharan Africa’s private capital surpassed official development aid ($40 billion). A recent article published by Reuters warned that in 2016, 15.1 billion worth of gold was smuggled out of African countries that are plagued by violent conflict and human rights abuses. What are the factors adversely affecting the cultural, environmental, socio-economic, political and legal conditions of Africa today? The broadness of the theme allows for presentation of papers, and organization of roundtables that examine the cultural, economic, environmental, legal, political, religious, health/medical, educational and security conditions of the African Continent, using country-based case studies, and comparative studies, employing a variety of methodologies, including empirical studies and theoretical ones.  Albeit, more specifically, some of the themes and issues to be addressed in this conference include: 

  • Migration and development
  • Conflict and violence
  • Humanitarian assistance and aid
  • Globalization and technology
  • Climate change, disaster and environment
  • Corporate governance and leadership
  • Governance
  • Sustainable development goals
  • Youth and children
  • Women and growth
  • Education and literacy
  • African Union and regional/sub-regional groups
  • African Diaspora
  • Law and development
  • Democratization and democracy
  • Elections
  • Food security
  • Human security
  • Etc.

The conference seeks to bring together researchers, academics, practitioners, advocates, artists and film-makers from across Ghana, the rest of Africa, the African Diaspora and around the world. In keeping with the spirit of diversity, we welcome abstracts for individual papers and roundtables that engage with various theoretical and methodological perspectives, topical issues, and policy-oriented solutions related to the conference’s theme. Selected papers might be considered for publication in the ASRF’s journal and book series.


Types of Submission

Individual Papers

  • Papers should be formal presentations that draw on theories and approaches of one or more topics related to the conference’s theme.
  • Individual papers will be presented within a 15-minute period, plus 15 minutes for discussion.
  • Each panel should have a Chair and a Discussant.


Each Roundtable:

  • consists of four (4) participants plus one Convener/Moderator. 
  • involves the presentation of four oral presentations on a topic related to the conference’s theme, followed by a structured discussion of these presentations.
  • Is typically scheduled for one-and-a-half hour blocks.
  • expected to make a 15-minutes presentation, followed by the Moderator’s comments and a general discussion (20 minutes), for a total time of 95 minutes
  • Conveners should submit the title of the roundtable as well as the name/title/institutional affiliation of each participant and the title of their presentation

NB:To maximize participation opportunities at ASRF 2020, each individual scholar is allowed two single-authored contributions and one co-authored contribution (Presenting a paper, organizing a roundtable, and serving as a panel chair or discussant or as a roundtable moderator or participant each count as one contribution.)


Abstracts Review Criteria

Review criteria include promise of an original and thoughtful contribution to the study of Africa; clarity and evidence of a well-organized, engaging presentation; and relevance to the ASRF 2020 theme. For roundtables, criteria also include topic relevance, as well as a clearly planned schedule of activities, with an appropriate amount of time for discussion and audience participation.


Volunteering and Moderating

Conference attendees are encouraged to volunteer for the following roles:

  • Panel Chair
  • Panel Discussant
  • Roundtable Participant
  • Roundtable Convener
  • Moderator

Submission Guidelines

Cover Page

  • Presentation title (15-word limit)
  • Author(s) full name(s) and contact information of principal presenter: affiliation, telephone number, mailing address, E-mail address. All return correspondence will be to this individual only.
  • Full names, affiliations, and E-mail addresses of co-presenters (if any).
  • Indicate your interest in volunteering and/or facilitating as a chair, discussant, roundtable participant, roundtable convener or moderator of a session.

Anonymised Paper Abstract 

  • Abstract (300-word limit for individual papers); An abstract should provide an extended description of the presentation for committee review.
  • Presentation Summary (50-word limit): A brief description to be included in the conference program.
  • Abstracts should be prepared for anonymous review (no reference to the author or the author’s home institution in the abstract).

How to Submit Abstract(s)

Please send your roundtable  proposal(s) and panel/paper abstract(s) as an e-mail attachment with the subject heading: ASRF 2020PaperAbstract/Roundtableto Veronica Fynn Bruey at Pius Tangaat


Abstract and roundtable submission deadline is 1 September 2019. Early submission is strongly encouraged.

Contact Info: 

Veronica Fynn Bruey
Conference Co-Coordinator
Faculty of Law
University of Cape Coast
Cape Coast, Ghana