7th Annual Science Fiction Symposium: At the Crossroads

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March 16, 2020 to March 17, 2020
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Literature, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Humanities, Film and Film History

The Seventh International Symposium
on the Poetics of Science Fiction

At the Crossroads:
Hybridity in Science Fiction


Hosted by the Department of English and American Studies

and the Porter School of Cultural Studies,

Tel-Aviv University

16-17 March 2020


Science fiction favors the exploration of liminal spaces and ideas – it is, to some extent, a genre of thresholds and what may lie beyond them. Hybridity, synthesis, assimilation and incorporation have served as conceptual springing boards for some of the genre’s most complex and compelling works.

Our conference, the seventh in the annual series of SF symposia, is jointly hosted by the Department of English and American Studies and the Porter School of Cultural Studies at Tel-Aviv University. We seek to address cultural, historical, and narrative questions raised by hybridity in science fiction – to this end, we welcome abstracts and panel suggestions on topics including (but not limited to):


  • Mutation in SF (genetic splicing, human/animal hybridity, etc.)
  • Hybrid genres (science-fantasy, science-horror, science-romance and so on)
  • Cyborgs and Posthumans in 21st-century SF
  • Multimedia/Transmedia SF
  • Ethics of Hybridity and Transhumanity in SF Works
  • SF Hybridity in Popular Culture (Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, etc.)
  • Cultural Hybridity in Postcolonial SF


Proposals of up to 300 words for individual papers and/or panels are to be submitted alongside a short bio to tauSFsymposium@gmail.com by October 31, 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be sent shortly thereafter.

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