NeMLA 2020- CFP for Panel “Paris in the Americas Yesterday and Today”

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2019
Massachusetts, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, French History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

  Panel CFP for NEMLA 2020

March 5-8, 2020- Boston


Chair:  Dr. Carole Salmon University of Massachusetts Lowell


            Panel title: “Paris in the Americas Yesterday and Today”


Inspired by NeMLA’s topic for this year, “Shaping and Sharing Identities: Spaces, Places, Languages and Cultures”- a topic embracing the many facets that define each and every human being across cultures and languages, as well as the many ways in which we interact with each other in today’s rapidly changing global world- this panel proposes to examine the long-established relationship and multifaceted interactions between the capital city of France, Paris, and all aspects of its influences on the Americas across the continent (North, Central and South America) and across time. Besides the fact that many locations are named “Paris” in the United States, there are many cities in Canada and across Central and Latin America, small or large, which have a relationship to or have been influenced by Paris in their layout, their architecture or their general atmosphere or reputation: Washington D.C. was designed by French architect L’Enfant and was often called “Paris on the Potomac”; 19th century Mexico City was heavily influenced by Haussmannian Paris; Buenos Aires is known around the world as “the Paris of Latin America”, to name a few examples. This panel invites explorations of manifestations of Paris’ influence(s) across the Americas in a variety of cultural productions in French or in English: literature, film, music, songs, visual arts and other media, as well as urban planning, fashion and luxury studies, for example. Communications on teaching about Paris’s influence(s) in the Americas are also welcome. In what ways did/do Paris’ influence(s) contribute to sharing and shaping identities in the Americas yesterday and today?


Submit a 250 words abstract in French or in English to NeMLA’s online submission system: go to and create your own user account.


Deadline for Abstract Submission: 30 September 2019




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Carole Salmon (Chair of the panel)

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