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Call for Papers
June 28, 2019 to June 28, 2020
California, United States
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French History / Studies, German History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Literature, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

A new book series with Bloomsbury Academic, Comparative Jewish Literatures intends to illustrate the diversity of scholarship focused on comparative Jewish literatures as a field with unique interdisciplinary registers.  Consequently, it signals both how scholars of Jewish Studies have viewed the Jewish text and how comparatists subsume Jewish literatures within national traditions. The diversity of these groups’ different conceptual underpinnings is of particular concern since it suggests that disciplinary location informs our understanding of comparative Jewish literatures as an object of knowledge. It implies furthermore that several audiences are shareholders in the notion of a comparative Jewish literary tradition. The series intends not only to engage all of these different groups, but also to establish new avenues of inquiry that abut and intersect with the field.


We seek scholarship that examines Jewish writing beyond the U.S. canon, or that frames the American context in relation to America as a broad signifier. We also are interested in analyses that frame Jewish texts in relation to other national traditions, extending the notion of a Jewish literary tradition to encompass writers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Israel and the Middle East, Australia, Asia. Moreover, the series also hopes to include scholarship that repositions Judaism's ancient, medieval, and early modern religious writers in relation to modern Jewish texts. The series seeks proposals that engage with themes such as:


- Gender and the Jewish text 

- Halakhah, Kabbalah and Haskalah as precursors to Jewish literary modernities 

- Jewish writers in relation to their non-Jewish counterparts

- Intermedial intersections within Jewish texts

- Transnationalism in relation to Jewish writing

- the effects of history on Jewish literatures

- cultural memory, the Holocaust and literature

- Bible and modern literatures

- Jewish texts examined within national traditions

- cosmopolitanism and its relationship to Jewish literatures

- philosophical underpinnings of a comparative Jewish literary approach

- the Jewish text and the literary critic

- exile and the Jewish writer


Comparative Jewish Literatures encourages submissions from leading and established scholars as well as early career academics. If you have a proposal that you think may be suitable for the series, please feel free to submit a one page description to the series editor, Kitty Millet, for more information, and further instruction. You can also email her ( for any further questions.

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Professor Kitty Millet | Professor of Jewish Studies | San Francisco State University | 1600 Holloway Ave | HUM 415 | San Francisco |
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