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Call for Papers
July 21, 2019
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World History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Public History

Deadline: July 15th, 2019


Global history has become one of the most ambitious and promising strands of historical research. The approach targets relations, flows, and actors that challenge the assumption of the nation state as a natural and inevitable category of historical analysis. I t calls attention to the importance of transnational, transregional, or trans-local connections and their influence on the past. But how can we actually "do global history" in practical terms? To which issues and themes does global historical research add insight? How can global history complement but also challenge other disciplines? And conversely, what critiques and new ideas can other disciplines bring to global history?

To contribute possible answers to these questions, we encourage the submission of research articles that exemplify concrete research informed by global historical perspectives and reflect relevant methodological considerations. The wide range of questions pursued in the research articles previously published in Global Histories may serve as a starting point for your consideration:

We also welcome the submission of shorter essays discussing methodology and research perspectives in global history, as well as pieces on public history relating to topics and perspectives of global history, for example reviews of museums or exhibitions.

Who We Are

Global Histories is a student-run academic journal based in the MA Global History program at Humboldt-Universität and Freie Universität in Berlin. The peer-reviewed open-access journal is available online. We are looking for submissions from fellow students across the world for our journal's 8th edition to be published in October 2019.


Research article submissions should be 5000-7000 words, the essays should be 1 500-3000 words. All submissions must be in English, follow the latest Chicago Manual of Style for Notes and Bibliography and must not be under review or have been previously published elsewhere. For more detailed information on our submission guidelines please consult:

Authors should register on our website to submit their work. Questions related to topics or submissions should be directed to well in advance of the July 21st, 2019 final deadline.

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Alina Rodríguez