The Life and Times of John Paul Jones

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July 11, 2019
Colorado, United States
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American History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Military History, Russian or Soviet History / Studies

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The Life and Times of John Paul Jones
CAPT Steve Maffeo, USNR (Ret)

7:00 pm
Thursday 11 July 2019
ENT Conference Rm
Library 21C
Colorado Springs, CO

This talk was originally presented in Spring 2018 at the annual banquet of the Naval Academy Alum Association's Colorado Chapter.  Not only does Steve cover Rear Admiral (Imperial Russian Navy) Jones'  factual biography, but also delves a little into what made him who he was:  upbringing, merchant service, mentorship (or lack thereof), personality traits (or quirks), collegial relationships, and legacy.  Steve will also wear an authentic uniform of a Continental Navy captain. 

CAPT Steve Maffeo, USNR, Ret., is formerly the associate director of the academic library at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  He is a graduate of Colo. U (B.A.), Denver U (M.A.), and the Joint Military Intelligence College (M.S.).  In 2008 he retired after 31 years in the U.S. Army National Guard (Signal Corps), the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Naval Reserve.  Steve commanded three reserve shore-based naval and joint-service intelligence units in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Washington, D.C.  His final reserve assignment was as an instructor, and the director of part-time programs, at the National Defense Intelligence College in Washington.  Steve tinkers with his two '60s muscle cars, is a recreational shooter, and is a volunteer commissioner at the local Boy Scout summer camp.

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