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Call for Papers
January 31, 2020
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Non-sense texts breathe and exist in-between words and sentences that are constructed to convey the perfect coherent sense and those that are absolute babble. Sometimes incoherent speech is used as a device to enhance meaning, for instance, Benjy's disjointed thoughts in The Sound and the Fury, thus sometimes the apparent nonsense packs in a lot of sense we are to decipher at different levels. Non-sense literature flaunts the reversing of hierarchies breaking the ordered rhythm that, more often than not, evokes laughter. Extreme unpredictability, unexpectedness, the impossible, is indeed a celebration of overthrowing of the authority and creation of an alternative world order which does not abide by our mundane world rational logic. Non-sense Literature thus unsettles the prevailing presumptions about our reality the language /logic system that has been produced to design our rational world.  

Non-sense literature encompasses prose writings, short stories, novels or poetry including lyric poems, ballads, sonnets, limericks, lullaby or folk rhythms, and folk tales or even recipes. Sometimes it is heavy with satire and we may clearly discern a method in the madness , at other times it is just harmless entertainment. 

Non-sense literature does not have to  justify its existence any more than any other literature has to, but we may briefly recall  what Marilyn Monroe  said: " Being normal is boring." 

We are inviting Research articles for an anthology tentatively titled Sense in Non-sense to be published by a renowned publisher. Papers submitted for inclusion in the anthology must be related to Non-sense literature of any genre from Edward Lear to Lewis Caroll to Sukumar Ray. 

All Contributors are entitled to a contributor's copy. 

Editing requirements:

Language: English 

Paper Size: A4, Font size: Times New Roman 12, Line Spacing: 1.5, Margin of 1 inch on all four sides. 

Title of the article: Bold, Centered.

A Short bio-data of the contributor(s)  indicating name, institutional affiliation, career history, postal address, mobile number, and e-mail in separate page/ attachment. 

Abstract of about 300 words, full article 5000 words (approx), Keywords 5, in single page attachment. 

Text of the article : Justified. 

References: MLA 

Essays should be submitted as MS Word attachment. 

Deadline: 31.01.2020

Mode of submission: The full paper along with the abstract of 300 words may be sent as e-mail attachment to



Zinia Mitra, Faculty of English, University of North Bengal 


Jaydeep Sarangi, Principal, New Alipore College, Kolkata, India.