Publication: African Archaeological Review June Issue 36(2), 2019

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African History / Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Area Studies
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  1.  Original Article

    The Past Is a Divided Country: Transforming Archaeology in South Africa

    Ndukuyakhe NdlovuBenjamin Smith Pages 175-192
  2.  Original Article

    An Identification Guide for Metallurgical Sites in Tanzania

    Edwinus Chrisantus Lyaya Pages 193-209
  3. Correction to: An Identification Guide for Metallurgical Sites in Tanzania

    Edwinus Chrisantus Lyaya Page 211

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  4.  Original Article

    Beyond Commoner and Elite in Swahili Society: Re-Examination of Archaeological Materials from Gede, Kenya

    Matthew Pawlowicz Pages 213-248
  5. Original Article

    Structures and Settlement Organization at Kua Ruins, Juani (Mafia Archipelago, Tanzania)

    Annalisa C. Christie Pages 249-269
  6.  Original Article

    Identifying Raw Material Transportation and Reduction Strategies from the Lithic Scatters at Elandsdrift Farm (Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site), South Africa

    Matthew V. CaruanaDaniel TaskerDominic J. Stratford Pages 271-289
  7.  Original Article

    Lithic Technology at Loiyangalani, a Late Middle Stone Age Site in the Serengeti, Tanzania

    José-Manuel Maíllo-FernándezIrene Solano-Megías...Pages 291-315
  8.  Original Article

    The Occupation of Benzú Cave (Ceuta) by Neolithic and Bronze Age Societies

    Eduardo Vijande-VilaJuan Jesús Cantillo-Duarte…Pages 317-338
  9.  Book Review

    Dirk Huyge and Francis Van Noten (Eds.): What Ever Happened to the People? Humans and Anthropomorphs in the Rock Art of Northern Africa

    Marina Gallinaro Pages 339-340
  10.  Book Review

    Marina Gallinaro: Mobility and Pastoralism in the Egyptian Western Desert. Steinplätze in the Holocene Regional Settlement Patterns

    Stefano Biagetti Pages 341-342
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