CALL FOR PAPERS - Journal of African Military History at 2021 American Historical Association in Seattle

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Call for Papers
Washington, United States
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African History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Military History, Political History / Studies, World History / Studies

The last few years have seen the emergence of African military history as a growing subdiscipline in African History.  Over this time, the subject has taken several important steps toward establishing itself as more than a small niche in African Studies. The creation of the Journal of African Military History (Brill,, along with a new monograph series devoted to the subject at a premier academic press, and even the discussion of African military historiography within notable research encyclopedias and journals, has aided in the creation of a body of existent and new scholarship that is now being broadly recognized amongst scholars of Africa.  In addition, within that same timeframe a growing community of scholars working on the subject has managed to establish a presence at marquee conferences such as the Annual Meetings for the Society for Military History and the African Studies Association, not to mention an excellent workshop hosted by the University of Colorado on martial races and martial identities in Africa.

The Journal of African Military History is sponsoring a series of panels at the 2021 American Historical Association annual meeting, in Seattle.  As part of this, the editors of the Journal of African Military History  aim to create a set of linked panels and round tables, also known as a  “stream” in European conferences, that will encompass the rich and fruitful work being done on the topic.  Some possible thematic panels or round tables are as follows:

The military experience in African History (Precolonial, Colonial, and Postcolonial)

Martial Identities in Africa

African military history in the Atlantic World

African military practice in the diaspora

Slavery and military service in Africa

The Soldier and the African State

Gender and the African military experience

African ways of war

Warfare and the environment in Africa

The Veteran Experience

As well as any others that might be contributed by the community itself.  

We hope that by putting together this thematic stream,  our growing community will be able to make a noticeable contribution during the flagship conference of the historical profession and, in turn, help draw attention to the emergence of this expanding field of academic inquiry.

Please send all panel, round table, and paper proposals to and by no later than September 15, 2019.  Individual papers will be grouped into formal panels and then coordinated with the submitted panels and round tables to form an effective and thematically-linked stream. These efforts are so early due to the length of time needed to coordinate all of these proposals, which will then be submitted in total before the February 15, 2020 deadline.  It is especially hoped that senior scholars can recommend the work of junior scholars and graduate students that can help to grow the field even further.

We are organizing these panel with an eye  towards publishing the various articles in future issues of the Journal of African Military History and expect that authors agree to select the journal as their preferred publishing outlet.

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